How to Set Keyboard Shortcuts in Excel for Left-Handed People Step by Step (Example)

If you are left-handed or have a friend or family member with this gift, today we will teach you how to set keyboard shortcuts in Excel for lefties in an easy way. Also modify your mouse to have a comfortable performance. Don’t take off, keep reading this post to know more.

Lefties own 10% of the population the ones that make them special. However, they fight daily with the prototype of the society where they make elements for right-handed people without taking into account this part of the left-handed population.

Excel is a tool with which we can do practically everything, from simple calculations to complex processes with macros, programming in VBA language and much more, so we can set keyboard shortcuts in Excel for lefties it is especially very useful.

Amazing keyboard shortcuts in Excel for lefties

A large majority of the world’s population is right-handed, which means that their commands are normally designed for them, without taking into account the no less important minority of society, the left-handers. That is why we will teach you some shortcuts that will be very useful When copying, pasting or cutting in Excel, let’s see:

people with a sheet with an excel chart, a mobile and a laptop

  • If you want to copy you just have to press on your keyboard Ctrl + Insert.
  • Now, if what you want is to paste you must press on your keyboard Shift + Insert.
  • And if you finally want to cut you must press on your keyboard Shift + Delete. Although each command varies, these are the most common combinations in Excel when copying, pasting or cutting.

Customize your Excel command for lefties

Beyond just copy and paste, you can customize excel commands for left-handed people helping you in this way to access all the information required to your liking. What should you do? It is very easy, you just have to follow the step by step that we will provide below

  1. First you must access the Excel Options dialog box How? Simply by pressing the keys ALT + F and T already in this step you will have to enter the down arrow.
  2. Now you must go by clicking to customize the ribbon. Then press the TAB key until you get to the Customize command. Then touch the ENTER key and you will automatically get to the categories section.
  3. Once there, choose the categories that you want to leave or place as a left-handed person allowing you to place an easy to use shortcut.
  4. Finally, when choosing and placing these shortcuts, you just have to click on how to save and finally press ENTER to finish the operation.

Some of the things that, for example, you can do is: copy, paste or insert footnotes with commands that are totally different from the usual ones, since by default computer programs are configured for most right-handed people.

How to configure the mouse for lefties?

It is very easy if you have a Windows computer, this company has thought of everything including its left-handed clients. But how can you configure the mouse? We will teach you very easily.

person using laptop

  1. It first goes to the beginning. Next, select the control panel, then go to the Hardware and Sound option.
  2. Once there you will find the option Devices and printers and click Mouse
  3. Then you will realize that you can configure your mouse however you want by clicking Swap primary and secondary buttons. This way you can use your mouse on the opposite side.

As you can see, this task is very easy to perform and will help you find comfort on your PC. We hope that the information provided today will be useful to you in helping you to get the best shortcuts regardless whether in Excel or on your PC In general, leave us your experience in the comments.

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