How to Set Keyboard Shortcuts or Shortcuts in Adobe Illustrator and How to Use Them

Set keyboard shortcuts It is a way to facilitate our work in Adobe Illustrator, when we are using new software that is unknown to us, we may lose ourselves in the use of the controls that are predetermined, and it is a nuisance.

If you are a user accustomed to customizing your shortcuts or keyboard shortcuts on your computer, you will most likely want to apply the same for use Adobe Illustrator freely. Here we bring you the way to configure keyboard shortcuts in this program.

How to set keyboard shortcuts or shortcuts in Adobe Illustrator?

The fact of using keyboard shortcuts to manipulate design software is one of the points in which professionals differ from newbies. The control and mastery of the tools through the keyboard is very important for Adobe Illustrator.

configure keyboard shortcuts in illustrator

To configure keyboard shortcuts in Adobe Illustrator, as if you wanted to do it from a Windows computer to customize it, the process consists of very simple steps.

The first thing we are going to do is enter Adobe Illustrator, and we will look at the menu at the top of the screen. In the ‘Edit’ menu we will select the option ‘Keyboard shortcuts …’ by clicking.

A window will be exploded in which we will create a new set clicking on ‘Sets’, in the upper part of this window, clicking to accept to be able to enter the preset controls of this program.

Later we must assign a new shortcut to one of the tools that you will find there; by default, all these bring a keyboard shortcut or shortcut predetermined. You can change it or simply assign one to the tool that does not have it.

In the case of menus, we select the corresponding menu and we configure the shortcuts by clicking on any menu; Finally, we only have to click OK, and the changes will be saved.

How to use keyboard shortcuts in Adobe Illustrator?

Using keyboard shortcuts in Adobe Illustrator it can be considered as a design art. The way in which the professionals of this program make use of the shortcuts is impressive, and it goes without saying that this fact makes their work easier.

There are designers who do not need to configure the keyboard shortcuts in Adobe Illustrator, probably the reason lies in the many years they have known the best shortcuts or keyboard combinations on their computers, and in the different programs they use.

However, in the case of configuring keyboard shortcuts or shortcuts, you will have to learn to use them. How to use them will depend on the configuration you have given to them.

In general, the configurations that are given to the keyboard shortcuts or shortcuts are made only with some of them; this way you will be able to memorize them and know what function each one of those that you have already configured fulfills.

Using the control key (Ctrl) and Alt, you can manipulate with your fingers the tools you want and know. Likewise, you can apply actions, which with the mouse represent a real waste of time, by pressing two or three keys at the same time.

Why is it important to configure keyboard shortcuts in Adobe Illustrator?

If you are going to set keyboard shortcuts in Adobe Illustrator, be sure to make the changes you need to be able to work freely. This is what many editors do In order to use the tools efficiently, and not only in Illustrator, it also applies to users of other editing programs such as Photoshop.

set keyboard shortcuts shortcuts adobe illustrator

Setting keyboard shortcuts allows users to Adobe Illustrator users perform faster and more comfortable work, because with just the use of your fingers you can easily access many tools.

For example, if an Adobe Illustrator editor wants to restart the workspace, regardless of the reason, they will be able to press certain keys to perform this action, without having to choose the mouse or the belated search for this option.

There are many benefits that Adobe Illustrator users get when they configure and customize keyboard shortcuts in their worksheet, thus being able to save time and edit comfortably.

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