How to Set or Make the Battery Percentage Appear on My Samsung Galaxy Cell Phone

Generally, when purchasing a Samsung Galaxy device, it is not possible to view the battery percentage next to the respective icon. However, there is a way to directly view this value and to calibrate the battery when necessary. In this article we will explain How to set or make the battery percentage appear on my Samsung Galaxy cell phone

Samsung Galaxy and its user interface

Samsung Galaxy has a layer to present its interface called “One UI”. Thanks to One UI, users can see the elements organized in one area of ​​the screen and have another area to interact at the bottom of the screen.

show samsung galaxy battery percentage

In such a way that Samsung Galaxy presents the controls and buttons at the bottom of the screen while the viewing area occupies less than half of the top of the screen.

Organizing elements in the Samsung Galaxy interface

On a Samsung Galaxy device you can see that the organization of icons and certain functions it is simplified. In this sense, the interface presents the system settings with its most outstanding options at the beginning. Thus, the other options remain latent for the user.

Put the battery percentage in my Samsung Galaxy cell phone

There are several ways to personalize our Smartphone device. If you have a Samsung Galaxy and you can see the battery percentage in the status bar but you need to view this value directly to be aware of power availability, we recommend that you read the steps that we explain below.

Your Samsung Galaxy device settings

Samsung Galaxy has a menu to adjust the different device options. One of them is related to the management of the status bar. The status bar is a tool that facilitates and speeds up access to options through the use of a set of icons.

Battery percentage

The percentage of the battery is extremely important data to be aware of the energy levels that our mobile device has at a specific time. In this way, we avoid inconveniences by continuous use of the device and we can calculate an approximate charging time.

It is well known that the battery percentage is one of the values ​​that users are most concerned about. If we do not have a power source nearby is likely to increase stress when seeing how every few minutes of consumption the battery charge level decreases. For this reason, it is important to have this information in the status bar.

How can I make the battery percentage appear on my Samsung Galaxy cell phone?

In order to see the battery percentage in a Samsung Galaxy cell phone, you must access device settings. To do this, slide the screen up so that you can see the applications. Press the gear icon identified as “Settings” and see all the available options.

samsung galaxy battery percentage

Look for the “Notifications” section. There, press the option “Status bar” and activate the switch that corresponds to “Show battery percentage”. You will immediately see the percentage of charge of your Samsung Galaxy right next to the icon that represents the battery. It’s also convenient for you to learn how to save your battery without having to install any apps.

Use the search engine to show the battery percentage

There is another way to make the battery percentage appear on a Smartphone. This consists of make use of the device’s browser. First, swipe down and hit the magnifying glass icon found on the Samsung Galaxy quick panel layout.

Then write percentage and press the first option that is presented which is identified as “Show battery percentage”. Flip the switch from the status bar setting and in this way you will see the percentage charge level at the top of the screen.

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