How to Set Parental Controls on Your Child’s Chromebook Using Family Link

Today, most parents want to be as responsible as possible with regard to the care of their children, be they teenagers or young children, and that is why they do everything possible to protect what they see on the internet. Hence, they seek help to take protective measures in this regard, and Google Chrome has provided this service in recent years.

Let’s talk about the application that Google introduced, Family Link; service takes care of provide help with which they can be aware of what their children see.

With this application, parents can block or allow the applications that their child will be able to download on their device and determine how long they use it. For this reason, Family Link allows that from another device the device is locked used by the adolescent or child, setting limits on the time of use of the screen.

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Although this application does not offer blocking of all the inappropriate content that can be found, Google has other applications with the filtering options that you are looking for. So what they can do is, filter the content by the age of the childrenFor example, if they are under 13 years of age, set age limits.

How does Family Link work?

In order to take advantage of this service, what you must do is download the application from Google Play on compatible devices; for example with Android 7.0 or more. With the download ready, you must create a Google account for your child’s use, which can be for children under 13, as provided by Google.

Now, if the child already has an account, they will be able to use it without any inconvenience in Family Link, and thus they will be able to access it from their mobile device. The most recommended to be successful in linking accounts in Family Link, is that you also download the application in your children’s device.

How to create a Google account for a child?

Creating an account is easy if you just want to be aware of your young children’s activity on the web. To do it, log in to your device or your Chromebook, making sure that it is its owner user and not a guest, and thus be able to configure the device.

Creating this account is like creating any other, by this we mean that it is quick and easy by following the steps that are given to us on the screen. First, when entering Google, we are asked to log in, but instead of going there, you will click Create new account or more options.

Next, the boxes will appear on the screen that you must fill in with your child’s information such as their name, gender, age, password and the name of the email they are creating. With those details ready, you will be able to access your child’s new Google account without any problem and add it to your Chromebook.

From Family Link You can configure many options that you want to block or allow on a child’s or teen’s Chromebook. In this article we will explain in detail some recommendations to manage your child’s account well, so that you can protect their browsing.

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First of all, to correctly manage the navigation you have to enter the Family Link application, select your child’s account and enter configuration. Once there, go to Google Chrome Filters and activate them by choosing an appropriate setting, such as allowing healthy sites and blocking adult sites.

Now, if you want to block a specific website, you can also do it in a simple way with Family Link. To do it in Family Link, go to settings, in the Google Chrome Filters option, go to Manage approved or blocked sites, and there you can add the website you want to block.

In this same line, if what you want is to change website permission settings, you can do it by following a few simple steps. Select your child’s account settings, then Google Chrome Filters and the Chrome Control Panel where you can activate the permissions.

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