How to Set Print Margins in Firefox Easily? (Example)

When printing pages from the Mozilla browser, you can find different misfit errors, thus arising the need to configure the print margins in Firefox, to correct any problem related to dimensions.

At the same time, you will be able to show other errors related to the action of printing a website or PDF, all this can be solved by making the pertinent changes from the browser settings or updating your browser to the latest version, and if you keep reading, you will find out how.

Adjust the size of the print margins in Firefox

If you already have downloaded the latest version of Firefox, you must open the browser by double-clicking on the desktop shortcut, on the taskbar or in the Windows applications menu.

When the browser window appears, you must go to the software settings section by pressing on the panel on the upper right side, where you will select the option “File” and then in “Page setup”.

This last action will open a different unit, in this same you will be able to see different alternatives, among which you will choose one with the statement “Margins and header / footer”, From where you can configure the print margins in Firefox.

Next, the fields corresponding to each of the sides of the print page (top, bottom, left and right) will be displayed that you will have to adjust as it is convenient for you. Then press “To accept” to save any changes made.

How do I know if I am using the correct margin measure?

Margins measurements printing in Firefox. in general, they are adjusted to the task that you are going to give or the type of format you want to obtain. But, on the other hand, there is also an ideal measure for standard use.

select print mozilla

That said, there are values ​​that can offer you a correct framing of the page or PDF you want to print, these are usually 0.5 inches on each side, which is equivalent to 12.7 mm.

Once you have changed the values, you should go back to the preview window and to select “To print”, In this way, you will see the proportions of the page on the printing sheet and verify if it has the correct measurements.

Other printing errors in Firefox

In addition to the offset of margins, Firefox can also present other printing errors when exporting a page from digital to physical state on paper. Fortunately, there are many ways to reestablish program operation.

Reset printer settings in browser

Many of these inconveniences that have occurred in Firefox can be solved by resetting the printer settings in the browser and if you have a slow internet connection it can be complicated enter here to improve the speed of Firefox. Then you just have to write the following statement in the URL bar “About: config” and then press “Enter.”

A message will then appear before you warning you about the risks, which you must accept to continue. Consequently, write “Print_printer” in the Firefox search bar.

mozilla firefox configure

This field will appear as a result on the browser screen, to restore the printer settings. You must select it with the right click and choose the option “Restore”.

For this setting to take effect, you must completely log out of Mozilla and log back in. Once you have completed this step, go back to the site you wanted to print and try again. But if it had no effect, click here for a more detailed explanation.

Reset print settings

If the previous step did not work, there is no alternative but to reset to the default settings. For that it is good to know how it works and how to configure Firefox. In this way you can solve any problem other than the framing print margins in Firefox.

First you must enter the user profile folder, entering from “Help” > “Information to solve a problem” which will open a new window, where you can identify the option “Open folder”.

Now save a copy of the file “Prefs.js” before running it with a text editor, and then delete all lines that start with “Print_”. Save any changes made to the file and open Firefox to verify that the problem has been solved.

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