How to Set the Countdown or Timer in the Sonoff Device App

Technology is simply awesome. It has facilitated the automation of hundreds of activities thanks to the tools that have been designed.

Phones, televisions, voice assistants … everything around you is packed with awesome features. Not even household items escape technology. Therefore, it is important that you know how configure the countdown or timer in the App of the Sonoff device.

It is a procedure extremely easy and won’t take too much time. This way you will also make your home an intuitive and intelligent place, capable of being configured with your mobile device.

What is Sonoff?

Over time, many manufacturers have made smart devices that can be installed and linked to our home. As long as you maintain an internet connectionIt will even be possible to control, turn off and turn on the lights in your home with mobiles such as the iPhone.

smart home device

Setting the countdown or timer in the Sonoff device App is one of the many options on the market. Sonoff is a line of smart switches for your home.

Through them, you will have the possibility to control the on and off of up to 8 electrical devices or appliances. Interesting, right?

What I need?

To configure the countdown or timer in the App of the Sonoff device you do not need much. First and foremost, a Sonoff smart switch installed on the device or appliance of your choice.

The application used to manipulate the artifacts remotely is eWeLink. The same is available on both Android and ios. Its weight is quite light and its interface allows easy handling.

Finally, it is essential that, wherever you are, you maintain an internet connection. Not only you! Too your Sonoff switches must be linked to a WiFi network. So, make sure to increase the WiFi signal so that they work properly.

How to link and set the Sonoff artifact countdown

If you already have the necessary tools to configure the countdown or timer in the App of the Sonoff device, it is time to start! Of course, not without first linking the device or device to the switch and the application. For this you must:

  1. Access eWeLink and click on the “+” icon.
  2. Select the option “Quick Pairing”.
  3. Select the Wi-Fi network and enter the password.
  4. Before proceeding, press and hold the settings button on the Sonoff switch. By flashing or beeping, you will know that you are already in “Setup Mode”.
  5. Now yes, on your mobile device you can press “Next”. The application will take care of searching for the device.

smartphone control home functions

It is important to remember that eWeLink supports linking up to 8 Sonoff devices. Through this application, you can link the best smart locks, lamps, fans and other small appliances.

Step by step to set the Sonoff device countdown

  1. Now, start setting the countdown or timer in the Sonoff device app! To do this, you must follow a series of very simple instructions:
  2. From the eWeLink app, access the device or artifact that you previously linked.
  3. Within the configuration of that device, you will find the option “Timer”, Click on that option.
  4. Now click on the “+” icon.
  5. Make the configuration adjustments that you consider necessary. You can set the timer to run only once, although you can also make it repeat. If you select “Repeat”, you will be able to choose which days the action will take place.
  6. You also have options for determine what action to take, if the appliance is switched on or off.
  7. Set the date and time.
  8. Click on “Keep”.

Your Sonoff timer has been set successfully!

If you have followed all instructions to the letter, the Sonoff timer will have been set. It only remains to wait to verify that the action will be carried out satisfactorily.

As you can tell, tools like this allow to establish a remote control over certain household appliances. Which is just fantastic.

You can set the lights to turn off when you leave the house and turn them on just before you arrive. If you want to know more, you can read what the smart temperature and humidity sensor is for in your home.

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