How to Set Typing Settings Correctly in WordPress (Example)

Within this article, we want to clarify various doubts that all first-time users generally have when creating a page within WordPress. Just as necessary apply various settings to the appearances that our page is going to have.

It is also necessary that we see different settings that we must implement in an important way, such as the WordPress read and write settings, which make up two important and basic sections on the configuration of WordPress.

Referring to the settings for writing and customizing it, this is something that we can do directly from our website and through the control that some options imply.

On the other hand, the reading settings allow users to configure the way in which our blog will be displayed and likewise the page main to all those users who wish to enter there.

Stay within this post and learn a little more about all this simply and quickly, so you can start your setting.

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Reading settings in WordPress

In order to enter the reading settings, they can be found within the WordPress menu, more specifically by entering the “Settings“And then clicking on the”Reading”.

Once inside it, we can see a series of options, which we will explain here below so that you know what to do and how to configure each of them correctly:

  • Home page shows: Within the settings, one of the first steps and also the most important, is to decide which will be our main page within it, we have to choose two options: show our last two entries or also, is to be able to choose, a page of form static.
  • Maximum number of posts to display on the site: It makes a total reference to us, to the section of our blog. The decision we make here will affect both our blog and the categories that are in them. By default, we have that the number of entries displayed within it is 10, however, this is a high number and in the long term it may make the blog layout result in a page that is too long
  • For each entry in the feed include: Within this option, we must mark if what we want is for our feed to include full text or, failing that, only its summary

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Typing settings in WordPress

Now, now we go with what is really important, and it is with the writing settings, which as well as with the previous section, we can find it within the section of “Settings“And after that in the option of”Writing”. As with the previous section, we only have to read all the sections and thus we can know what to put in each of them.

  • Default category for entries: All the entries that you start to create will have an assigned category, which will give more order to your publications. WordPress has a default category, which is called “Without categoryHowever, this is where you must create your own categories, so once the entry is created, you can sort them in the best possible way.
  • Default input format: This option will depend to a great extent on the template you have used, since it is possible that the edition of it has no type of effect with what you want to do.
  • Update services: This is an important point, since when a new entry is published, in general, it usually takes a little while while it is indexed through search engines such as Google.
  • If you want to get indexed faster by all search engines, you may have to add several servers, which will notify you about all new content that exists

With this, you will have already completed all the configurations of the read and write settings within your wordpress page quickly.

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