How to Set Up a Quick Access to Launch Camera on Android

Current technology allows us to carry out lots of actions that we did not think possible before, because due to the advances that have been made in recent decades we have ended up with devices that we did not imagine in our wildest dreams.

A perfect example of this is the amount of information that we have access to on a daily basis through a computer. Thanks to the internet, our worlds have changed enormously, since we can access not only the information we want, but also all kinds of multimedia content, buy what we want and even talk to who we want.

We can also do the same activities with a mobile device as a mobile phone, since for some time we have greatly complemented the basic functions of mobile phones.

Since then, mobile devices have been called smartphones or smart phones, since with them we can do many of the activities that we do on computers through different applications and others.

In fact, the quality of current mobiles It is so high that with those of the highest ranges we can find high definition cameras that are incredible for taking photos like a professional.

Although these cameras cannot compete with the way professional still cameras are taken, they can actually achieve high quality and even capture motion photos.

This has led many people to have the opportunity to capture special moments without having to carry a camera in hand, since the device in our pocket will suffice.

But what happens when we want to capture something as soon as possible? We do not always have the opportunity to take out the mobile, unlock it and get into the camera app quickly. But, there are other alternatives, as we will explain below.

take photo sheet android

Your mobile and the fast camera

Currently, having a mobile phone stands for having an easily accessible camera with decent quality at your fingertips. But, if you are one of those people who do not want to miss a single moment of the day or even of the night and leave it immortalized in a Photo or in a video, you have ways to quickly access your mobile.

The first option you have is to use the quick access that your mobile has on the lock screen, it is usually an option that Androids have, and you will be able to see it in a corner of the lock screen with the camera icon, the which you will have to slide to be able access the camera.

On the other hand, you can use the gestures of the mobile to be able to access it more quickly, by double-tapping the power button of your Android device.

This can be configured in the settings of your mobile, then going to the options of “System” and in the section of “Gestures”, you have to go to the option of “Camera quick access”And activate it to do the aforementioned.

black mobile rear camera

Through apps

The option that we talked about before is fast enough to have the phone with the camera activated before you take the phone out of your pocket.

But, if this is not fast enough for you, you can download an application called QuickCamera which lets you access the camera however you prefer.

This consists of an application that, through two quick movements of the wrist, you can access your camera even if it screen is locked.

In the application options, you can make the gesture open the camera with the screen locked or even make it recognize that you are sleeping or is it in your pocket so it doesn’t accidentally open.

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