How to Set Up and Play Call of Duty Mobile with Any Controller on PC

Call of Duty is a widely recognized video game franchise, and many of its titles are available on various consoles and devices. Among the devices in which we can play it are mobile devices, which can be emulated on computers and laptops in general. If you are a gamer, it is important to know how to set up and play Call of Duty Mobile with any controller on PC.

Call of Duty Mobile is a version for phones of the famous first-person shooter games belonging to the series. However, if you are not a phone gamer, but want to use the game on computers. With an emulator you can play Call of Duty Mobile for phones from your own PC with ease and fluency.

Now, if you want to play in a better way and similar to how you would play on a console, you can use an X Box control. It should be noted that it will only work on phones if it is a remote control PS4 or X Box One, of the latest generation. For example, you can connect your PS4 or X Box One controller to an iPhone, easy and simple.

Similarly, since Android emulators mimic a phone, Call of Duty Mobile can be played with a controller on PC. This entails different processes and arrangements that you must prepare before simply connecting your controller whatever it is. It is also possible that even if you have an emulator, it does not recognize the remote, which also has possible solutions.

How to configure a controller in Call of Duty Mobile on PC?

The first thing you must do to play Call of Duty Mobile on PC with any controller is to have an emulator with which to play it. Android emulators are various, however only few can perfectly emulate all the latest, novel, and useful features they own.

call duty battle

For this, you can carry out a preliminary investigation in terms of functional Android emulators and see the capabilities of each one to know their functionality. In this case you can use the Android emulator Bluestacks, which exists with state-of-the-art updates.

Generally, emulators will only serve us as a computerized phone, but they will not be able to incorporate PS4 or X Box One controller functions to play.

If you play Call of Duty Mobile on your phone, it is probably enough to activate the bluetooth functions of your controls to play with a controller.

And those with the ability to connect wirelessly aren’t always going to be able to sync a PS4 or X Box One controller. For this reason, emulators that actually have this capability do it wired with USB cables.

Obviously it is much simpler, since bluetooth connections are easy to execute from a mobile device, such as connecting the PS4 controller to your Android via Bluetooth. However, not all Android emulators have the capabilities to make bluetooth connections.

Both types of control have an input to which it is possible to connect them to computers or laptops with Android emulators installed.

This way you can configure the controller when playing Call of Duty Mobile with your command of PS4 or X Box One comfortably from your PC with an Android emulator.

Is it worth playing with a controller on PC?

The answer to this question is given with a resounding yes, console controllers are designed to provide comfort to the gamer. With this you will have a great advantage when playing Call of Duty Mobile edition, whether you are on PC or not. Of course, when playing with a controller you will only play games with players who also have a controller.

look call duty

Otherwise this would be unfair for users who play through their phone or any mobile device. However, playing with a controller reports a big advantage even against those players who also use one. Well, it puts you in a balanced and agile position to move around.

That is all! what has to do with Call of Duty Mobile. Of course, it does not give more than to tell you that there are games similar to Call of Duty such as Fortnite that you can install and download on any console on the market. We hope this article is very helpful to you.

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