How to Set Up and Use Skype’s ‘Translator’ Translator to Translate Conversations

If you use Skype and have asked yourself: How can I set up and use the Skype Translator to translate conversations? Here we will explain how you can do this easily and quickly. You should know that it is of the utmost importance that you have the program updated. Since it may be that if your version is old, you do not have the option of the built-in translator.

Skype is a program created in order to be able to communicate clearly and reliably, encrypting our conversations so that they are totally secure. It offers various ways of calling, which are now the standard. However, they have been in this app long before things like group video calls were standardized.

What is Skype Translator?

Skype Translator was born as an extension for Skype chat, gradually integrating to it. However, being such a complex service, it has had to patch several system failures.

It works for the user in a simple way, this accessibility it will come integrated just by installing Skype in a normal way and have the option to update the application automatically, therefore if you do not have this last function active, you will only have to download Skype again or manually check for updates.

configure and use skype translator

Notably you have to create a user If you don’t have one yet, or log in from the multiple options that Skype offers you, you will be able to locate the option in all the chats that you have created.

Skype Translator you allows translation into major languages spoken in the world and the service is very well optimized, so you can communicate with someone who speaks Chinese, English, German among 40 other languages ​​available.

How to configure the Skype translator to translate conversations?

The setting for the translator is extremely easyYou will have to have at least one registered contact and be able to access their respective chat, in this you can ask them to write you some messages to start testing, or if you prefer you can send them a message yourself.

It’s important pointing that the translator has two methods of useOn the one hand, to translate messages sent in the chat, which can be translated automatically or, when they send us a message, we will get the option to ‘translate’. Knowing this we will proceed to the configuration.

In the upper right part of the chat, we will find the common options to make a call or video call to our contact, as well as an arrow with extra options about the chat, just below all this we will have a circular icon in which we must click.

When we click, a small box will appear in which we will have the configuration options, mainly we will have to activate the add-on, with the first button that will appear and then select our language and that of our contact. With this, our translator will be configured.

How to use the translator once we have configured it?

If you are one of those who do not have much space on your computer, you can choose to use the web version of the program, where by default they will load all the newest tools or add-ons released to date.

skype translator translator to translate conversations

Even if you use one version or another to use the translator, what you have to do after configured is make a call. With this you will be able to verify that by means of you are speaking, your voice will be translated simultaneously, allowing the listener to understand you clearly and clearly.

If for some reason they cannot understand you, or the translation is not done in real time, you may have to check your microphone, through the Skype sound control panel. Here you can do a quick test to check that your voice is being recorded correctly.

If your voice is not understandable, the program will not be able to translate it since the algorithm is based solely on what we say in real time through the micro. In addition to this, if your microphone is damaged, you can always use chat as a means of communication. Since this allows you to translate the messages just by hitting a button.

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