How to Set Up Automatic Adsense Ads on Websites and Exclude Pages

With automatic Adsense ads we can increase the earnings of our website or blog by up to 40% and thus generate higher income.

Automatic announcements of Adsense are quite effective Since they are created by Google’s artificial intelligence, with them we can improve the flow of ads on our websites.

Thanks to the artificial intelligence with which the automatic Adsense ads work, the robot will be able to check the code of our page, locating the ads correctly and adding the most identify themselves with the content of the site.

One of the challenges of having a blog or a website is locate ads correctly and add the best ones since the income obtained with ads comes from the views and clicks on them.

How to set up automatic Adsense ads?

Set up automatic Adsense ads it is enough simple if it is known how to add them, although for others placing these can be a challenge.

The first thing we must do is to enter our Adsense, go to the left and click where it says “Automatic Ads”, then press “start” in the new window that will appear.

Then we will be redirected to a window where several options about the type of ads we want for our website. It is advisable to select more than one option so that the Adsense robot can place multiple ads.

After having selected the types of automatic Adsense ads that we want to have on our page, whether they are text, video, mobile and others, we must press “save”.

A window will appear with a code, which will be the one that we must place between the tags of all the pages in which we want to show the ad, which in the same way helps us to exclude pages.

statistics of automatic adsense ads on websites

Ads will delay about 10-20 minutes after configuring and adding the code between the labels from our website or blog.

Automatic Adsense Ads for my WordPress blog

Setting up automatic Adsense ads on our website or blog can be a more complex task if we work with WordPress, but it is not impossible if done carefully.

● We must set up automatic announcements in our Adsense as explained above, in order to generate the code that we will use in the pages that we want to show it.

man works with automatic adsense ads

● After generating the code for the automatic Adsense ad we will go to html editor of our website or blog, we will look for the tag and we will paste the code in it, we press save and it would be ready.

We must be careful when pasting the code on the label since if we paste the same in the wrong label, our page it could be seriously damaged.

Another way to place automatic Adsense ads on our website or WordPress blog is with a Adsense plugins, a very useful and safe tool with which we can paste the Adsense code without damaging our site.

For this we must enter the desktop of our site, we will click on “Plugins” and then on “Add new”. The name of the plugin to search for is “Ad Inserter”, with this plugin we can integrate the codes that Google Adsense gives us once we have activated it.

Benefits of automated ads

In a website or blog, the position of the ads is essential, this in case we want to monetize it, being a challenge which ads and where to place them. By having a Google Adsense account with its automatic ads we will not have to worry about it.

As the ads are well positioned and related with the content of our website, we can generate more clicks on them and thus earn more income on our site.

In addition to optimize our profits our website or blog will look quite professional as the Adsense robot adjusts the ads correctly to our page layout.

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