How To Set Up Chromecast From PC or Android Devices – Quick and Easy (Example)

Chromecast has become a real success, with all the benefits it offers to its users. With this device, you can perform multiple actions. From enjoying series within Netflix and YouTube, to sharing the content you are watching from your mobile phone on your television.

One of the greatest features of this tool is the fact that it has simple, fast and quite economic. Likewise, all the content that is shared there can be enjoyed comfortably.

It was initially launched by the company Google and in a short time it has become one of the most attractive content visualization tools in recent times.

When you buy one of these devices, you may find it a bit complicated how to proceed with its installation, be it on your TV, computer or on your mobile. For that reason, in this post, we want to help you install and connect it to your tv, quickly and simply from the comfort of your Pc or Android device.

chromecast black configure

How to install on television

To begin, it is important that you have some important elements at hand, which we will detail below:

  • Start by connecting the device to the HDMI port part of your TV, just as you would with your mobile.
  • Once you have connected it, you must make the respective connection of your device to the USB port or a power outlet, so that said tool can be fully powered.
  • After doing the previous steps, you must select the HDMI port to which you have made the first step, but this time select it on your television.
  • You will see that once you do, a welcome message to the system will appear on your television screen, which will also come with a URL that you will have to access, it does not matter if you do it from your computer or mobile device.

chromecast white phone

Performing setup from the computer

When you have done the first installation steps, you must now enter Google Chrome from your computer and proceed to identify yourself with your Google username. This way you can access the Chromecast Setup. After that, you must follow the following steps:

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  • Begin by making sure that the TV and the device are connected to the Wi-Fi network correctly.
  • Once ready, you must proceed to install the Chromecast extension on your device. You can do this through the Url, which we mentioned above.
  • When this is installed, you will automatically see that a detection will be made of the devices connected to the net.
  • Select yours, and at this point the setup is complete. In this way, the device will begin to transmit everything you open your computer.

Use and configure on Android devices

  • Start by downloading the Google Home app on your device.
  • Once installed, proceed to open the options menu.
  • When you are inside the menu, select the option “Devices”This is where you will connect to any of your devices or, failing that, you will be able to configure one that is new.
  • When you enter the “Devices” section you will see on the screen the default name of your device. To start with the configuration, just press the button “Set up”.
  • Follow the instructions that the system will give you and there, you will be able to see when the device is connecting.
  • Be attentive to a code which will appear both in your mobile, like on your tv screen. You can see that you will be asked if codes match or not. If they are the same, click on the “Yes” option.

From now on, you will only have to fix basic settings, which the system will guide you, such as the name of your device, the settings of the Wi-Fi network among other things. And everything will be ready, so you can start enjoying your favorite shows.

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