How to Set Up Continuous Music Playback in iTunes Easily?

iTunes is one of the largest and most famous applications to listen to and download music that exist (it is free and you can download it from its page). This is mainly due to the great and simple interface that it uses, in addition to the facilities it provides to its users (such as converting an AAC song to Mp3 format, for example). With that in mind Today you will see how to configure continuous music playback in iTunes.

And the thing is, everyone has always wanted to have a player that, in addition to letting you listen to random music, also gives you a concert without cuts but with all the songs that are on your list. In case you did not know and you are a user of the bitten apple, iTunes gives you that freedom and you will immediately learn how to configure it.

Set up continuous music playback in iTunes

To start the process that will let you configure continuous music playback in iTunes, first, you must of course open the application.

Once it’s in there, you’ll need to determine if you’ve activated Crossfade playback. You can do that by going to the menu section and selecting the option “Edition”.

After this you must give “preferences“, And then go to the tab or tab that is named”play”. There look for the box “Crossfade”, If this is deactivated, then you have everything ready and you should not do anything else.

In the event that it is activated, you must do the following: go to the music library where you were before and there choose the songs that you want to be played without stopping.

colored itunes icon

There is no limit so you can put the ones you want, but choose carefully so as not to put one that you don’t want to hear later.

After having clicked on the songs, you must give the option “Get information”, you can also achieve that using the shortcut created by the key combination Ctrl + I (If you are from PC of course).

Another way is by giving the menu that is named “File”And there choosing the same option “Get information”.

As you have several articles selected at the same time, the application will show you a dialog window asking if you want to edit it all at the same time, press the button “Yes”.

Last steps to achieve the goal

When you have completed the previous steps successfully, you have already reached the last part of the process that will allow you to configure continuous music playback in iTunes.

Now, you must go to the drop-down menu called “Album without pauses” which is located at the bottom (right) in the information window.

Check the box next to said window and then proceed to open the album in question, within it open an option whose name is “Yes” press it.

Finally press the button “To accept”To confirm the changes you have been making and then check that everything is in order.

itunes versions of all time

You will know that everything is working perfectly, if when changing the song in the list you have created, the track does not pause, but instead makes a smooth transition to the other configured music.

As a recommendation, you should advance the playback to the point where the first song ends and the second begins, in order to know the answer quickly and in case it does not work, repeat the process to correct it. (usually works).

And voila, with that the initial question is answered: How to configure continuous music playback in iTunes? Now you just have to go to your application on the computer and start choosing the songs that you want to be heard on your list.

This works for most versions of iTunes, but it doesn’t hurt to update your application first before doing all of the above steps. Remember that there are many more functions that iTunes brings, such as letting you change the information of the names of songs and albums, or also converting MP4 files to Mp3, so it is recommended that you look for as much information as you can about this App.

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