How to set up my Gmail account in the application on iOS and Android? (Example)

One of the most widely used platforms worldwide is Gmail. The tools that your email offers, in addition to its use and adaptation date, have made it a unique and dynamic tool.

It has great compatibility with the vast majority of mobile devices and its platform is an excellent way in which you can receive or send any type of file regardless of its weight. Likewise, it is important to highlight the excellent interface that this platform offers its users.

Since one of its hooks is the simple and easy-to-use system, which adapts easily to whatever you need. Likewise, this application, has its own mobile application, which is among one of the most downloaded in the world, causing many people every day to create a Gmail account.

However, its installation or configuration often confuses users, who in the face of a new platform feel lost. However, in this post, we want to explain the different ways with which you can set up and customize your gmail account, from any iOS and Android device.

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How to configure your Gmail email on iPhone

When it comes to setting up an email account within a device iosThe procedure can be performed automatically and manually. Here we will explain each of them, in order to give you greater comfort:

Setting up the account automatically:

  1. Start by accessing Gmail and select the button “Settings” the option “Passwords and accounts“.
  2. After that, proceed to click on the tab that indicates “Add Account”And once there, you just have to select your email provider.
  3. After that, proceed to enter your address and password.
  4. Press the button “Next“And wait for your email to be verified with all your data.
  5. Here, you must choose the information that belongs to your email account and it will only remain, click on the “Keep“.

Manual setup

  1. For this option, you only have to access the option “Settings” and then to “Passwords and accounts“.
  2. Once inside, you just have to press the option “Add Account“And within it, locate the button”Other”, Then select the“Add email account“.
  3. There you must write your name, email address and password.
  4. Then click on the button “Next“And wait until all the options have been synchronized in order to finalize the configuration of your account.

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Setting up Gmail email within Android

  1. Start by opening the Gmail application on your device.
  2. Go to the section of “Settings“And after that, enter the icon”Accounts“.
  3. Once there, inside, you must click on the option “Add Account”To get started with the configuration.
  4. Locate within the options the button “Other”With which you can configure the account, and then enter the email address which you want to configure.
  5. Here you must select the type of account IMAP. Then enter your password and click the button “Next“.
    Select your incoming server, which is ““And press”Next“.
    Here you will be asked to configure the outgoing server, enter this: ““And then press”Next“.
    Here you can configure the different aspects of your email such as frequency, activation of notifications, and any other detail you want. After completing everything, just click on “Next”And your account will be configured.

In this way, your account will have your own touch and you can be calm. These options are fully modifiable, so it is important that you know that you can reverse everything you have done. Enjoy the new options and the ease that this email offers you.

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