How to set up my Outlook Corporate Email on iPhone and Android?

When we have purchased a new mobile device and we are going to configure it by default or by custom, we prefer to do it through our Gmail email account. But in the next tutorial we will see that we can use another provider and we will show you How to configure my Outlook corporate email on iPhone and Android?

Believe it or not, it also offers a large number of functions and advantages, as well as being very organized. So pay close attention that next we will tell you what are the steps to follow to configure my Outlook corporate email on iPhone and Android.

Like other email accounts, Outlook also offers you tricks so that you can better manage your account. In a very fast and simple way we teach you a tutorial that explains how to make Outlook emails reach a specific folder.

How to set up my Outlook corporate email on iPhone and Android

It is very convenient and necessary to be able to access our email account through our smartphone. And not only from this provider we can have for this purpose, because there are others that you can use as well. Such as Gmail, Microsoft Exchange POP3 and IMAP, but here we will explain how to configure my Outlook corporate mail on iPhone and Android

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First we will show you how you can do it in Android devices and for this, you are going to go to Google Play. Here you must download the Microsoft Outlook App. Once this process is finished and you already have it installed on your cell phone, you must open it. The first option that you will find when you enter is Start.

Press it and then you should write your emailAt the end of this process you must click on the Continue option. Now it waits for the connection to the server to be made. Now you will see your email and three fields that you must fill in with the following information, password, Display name and Description.

After entering this data, go to the bottom of the screen and click on the option Show advanced settings. This action will take you to a new window and in it you will see that the IMAP address has been created. Verify that it has the same name otherwise you will have to report it.

Now you will be asked to enter IMAP username and passwordIn these cases you are going to enter the email and password that you already created, you should not change anything.

Then you will see the SMTP outgoing mail server, re-enter your email and password and when finished you just have to press the OK option, this will be done in the upper right part of the screen in the check icon. Just wait for the information to be validated, when it is confirmed your email will open and go to the inbox.

How to set up my Outlook corporate email on iPhone

Now we will explain what steps you must take to set up my Outlook corporate email on iPhone. To do this, we will go to the Settings section, then select Settings, in this window we must look for the Mail contacts calendar option. Now you are going to click on the Add account option.

This action will take you to a window and in it you will see several accounts, but you must go to the end where the Other option is located. Select it and depending on your mobile model you may see the following Enter account or Add account. Now you must enter the data that is asked for your name, email, description. Press accept to validate.

configure outlook mail

The next thing will be to configure the IMAP account, enter the domain data, username, email, password and to finish press Save. And you will be ready and the system will perform the verifications. And in this way you learned how to configure my Outlook corporate email on iPhone and Android.

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