How to Share a Google Docs Document in Preview mode? (Example)

Google one of the largest industries in the world. Recognized for the products, tools and services it offers. One of these wonderful products is Google Drive, a kind of office but accessible in any browser. In addition, as you will learn today, it has an option that allows share a Google Docs document in preview mode.

This wonderful application, born some time ago, is one of the best in the field of office it means. Allowing to create documents, slides, and spreadsheets very easily, anywhere and at any time, something that not most can do.

What is Google Docs or Google Drive?

Well, the main thing is to say that these two are the same. Google drive is what was formerly known only as Google Docs. And the reason for the name change was due to a merger carried out by Google Docs.

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It is one of the best alternatives to correctly use or use Microsoft Office for free online in case you do not have access to it.

It was an office suite like Office, which allows the creation of documents, spreadsheets and slides from any browser, which can be created and mounted online.

This merged in 2012 with Drive, which is an online storage system that allows you to save all kinds of things in the cloud. Thanks to this, Google drive was born with all the functions that it currently has, 15gb of free storage in the cloud or being able to share a Google Docs document in preview mode.

Google Docs

The best thing about it is that it allows us to work cooperatively and in real time. Being able to grant permissions to other people so that they not only view but also they can also edit your documents.

With this it is possible to work in a team without the need for all the people to be in the same job, region or even Country. It also eliminates compatibility problems, since you can create documents of all kinds, on any device, from anywhere, as the only requirement to have internet.

In addition, and as if the above were not enough, specific folders can be created to store the documents. Which will not be lost if the device you were working on fails or is damaged.

It is possible to share a Google Docs document in preview mode easily

Well if the truth is that if possible, you just have to create a link to share the document and then edit it to restrict it in the way that best suits you. In order to share a Google Docs document in preview mode only, the first thing to do is right-click on the desired document.

Then we give the option called «Get link to share», another window will appear where we must press «Permissions”. Here it will open another section where you can choose who will access your document.

In addition to this, click on the option that is right there called «Any user with the link can.» This is the section that will allow you to discriminate, if you want it to only be seen, if it can be edited or if it can be commented.

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There is also to finish there is an option called «Plus”. There you can whenever you want to deactivate the link so that those who do not have the permissions can not even see it.

One final trick

To finish a little trick that literally serves so that the document is only in preview and cannot even be downloaded with PDF.

This consists of first opening the document in «Preview mode». Pwe ulsamos in «Share”, Right there in that section that will come out, we give «Get link to share», it will give us our URL and we will copy it and then paste it in any editor we have.

Here we will edit it and change how the end of our link ends, which would be «Edit? Usp = sharing», by option or command «PreviewWhich means preview. And voila, with this we can share a Google Docs document in preview mode as easy as activating dark mode in Google Docs documents.

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