How to Share a Google Sheets Spreadsheet Easily (Example)

One of the best ways you can register and open different types of spreadsheets, which you can store and organize, is through Google Sheets.

This tool is especially useful for organizing different types of projects or even with the intention of taking some kind of notes.

It is simple to use, as you can use spreadsheetAs is, as if it were a blank canvas in which you can sort all the data you have entered, through a format that you can structure later.

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With Google Sheets you have greater ease with the capture and organization of the data of a web browser, all this through free spreadsheets, which you can access easily from your browser, with access to lots of tools, including the possibility of view your Google Analytics data.

Thanks to this tool, you can make different types of changes, edits and saves, which will be very useful within a work or school environment. Just keep reading within this great tutorial, which will make you understand this wonderful tool.

What do we mean by sharing a spreadsheet?

When we refer to this action, we refer to give access to one or more people, so that it can be changed, including data and dates that are inserted, to later be saved.

The best of all this work model has to do with the fact that each person who is linked or to whom said document was sent will be able to make arrangements online, with which they will appear to each of the members in a immediate and simple.

How to share a spreadsheet?

When you start using this tool, in one way or another, you will find various forms and options with which you can expand its use. Here we present some of the options that you are going to run into and which will be very useful to you:

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  1. You can make a much broader participation in terms of editing that can be done by the people to whom the document has been shared.
  2. You can place some kind of restriction, with which the people to whom the file has been shared, cannot edit any aspect of it, except reading the document.
  3. Likewise, when sharing a document, you can post comments and special edits, with which the people included can understand the order in which you want to direct the document or, failing that, learn about the edits that have been made.

How to access the sharing panel?

If you are inside the same Sheets file, you just have to enter the green button that has the name ‘Share’ or likewise, locating yourself inside the toolbar where you will find the option ‘File’ and after that press on the button ‘Share’.

There you can enter the email of the person with whom you want to collaborate, so that I got a direct link to enter the file and start sharing.

But nevertheless, if you find yourself inside the Google driveYou just have to start by selecting the file and hovering over the sharing option, you will see that the ‘share’ option appears in the toolbar and everything will be more than ready.

How is other people’s access to the file?

When people access the email that has been sent to them through the platform, they will be able to see a link, which will direct them to the article where they can easily edit, order and save the file.

Depending on the restrictions made by the person in charge of the document, different paths can be taken and, likewise, multiple edits can be made.

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