How to Share a Meeting link on Google Meet Very Easy! (Example)

Google Meet is an extremely useful tool for teachers and professionals to do their classes and meetings digitally, especially now that a global pandemic has struck, confining everyone to social distancing and having to stay home protected from the coronavirus.

If you already have Google Meet, this is a good option for follow your good conversations through video calls. You just have to organize a meeting and invite the people you want. How can you share a meeting link on Google Meet? It is not a complicated function to perform, so we invite you to continue with us in reading this post and find out how to do it.

You can use your cell phone or your pc to create the meeting. Open your user from G Suite or from Google with your personal account. By using a computer you can go to Google Calendar to schedule a video call. If you have a G Suite account a link will be added and the number that allows access to the video call to a Google Calendar event. This will happen when you invite one or more people or when you press the “Add conference” section.

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You can also use your Gmail account to start a video call on Google Meet and from there share the meeting link with your colleagues. One of the functions you have is that you can record the meeting for later use; it also has a powerful program to share live screen and show your computer.

When entering the email, go to the sidebar and click where it says “Start a meeting.” Now you press “Join now” and you will automatically see a screen that will show you the meeting link. Press “Copy access data” and paste them in any messaging platform.

If you want to invite using an email, then click “Add people” when you will see the meeting link screen. Enter a name or email and then press “Send mail”. The person will receive the invitation message and must press the “Join the meeting” box.

If the invitation is made by phone, click where it says “Add people”, then “Call” and add the phone number. This option is currently only available to users of G Suite. You should bear in mind that meetings started from a personal account can only be invited to the meeting by the host of the same. Get the most out of this platform with these tricks that we teach you.

How to remove invitees from a meeting

At times, the situation may arise that we no longer want a specific meeting participant to continue to be there. In that case we would resort to removing him from the meeting. We do this by doing click the date back, then we place the pointer over the name of the person we want to delete and click on “Remove”.

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If you are using an Android phone, iPhone or iPad go to the tab “Persons”, select the name of the user you are going to delete and press “Remove”. Also, you can turn the phone and slide your finger through the participant list until you find the person you will exclude from the meeting, select their icon and touch “Remove.”

When you organize in a meeting of Google Meet you can share the link with anyone who also uses this service. It is very easy to do it and it will take you just a few seconds. Follow the steps that we have shown you in this post and it will be much easier for you. In times of pandemic, we realized that education can be carried out virtually, that is why Google Meet is a good option for teachers to teach their classes virtually.

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