How to Share a YouTube Video in an Exact Minute and Second? (Example)

Then we will see how to share a YouTube video in a certain minute and exact second with various methods. All very simple to carry out. On the other hand, it is also convenient that you know how to play YouTube videos in a floating window, especially useful if you want to watch videos while you work. Without further ado let’s continue.

One of the great streaming platforms that has millions of users around the world. The amount of content that this Google social network has is simply brutal. You could say that we can find everything in it: tutorials, guides, entertainment, video games, programs, etc.

What we can also do is share all the videos that are in it. But one of the options that many people are unaware of is that it is possible to share a YouTube video in an exact minute and second without much effort.

Do you want to know how to achieve it? We are going to see this small guide a little further down where we talk in detail about all the methods currently available so that you can Share any YouTube video in an exact minute and second.

share video minute second

Share a YouTube video in exactly one minute

What we must do is play the video we want to share and when it reaches the exact moment we simply pause it. After this we must go to the button “Share”.

A window opens and if you look in detail at the bottom it has an option that says “Start in”Which you must mark. This slightly changes the url address that we are going to share by adding a parameter that indicates that the video should start in the selected minutes and seconds.

Equally, this can be done by hand simply by adding a little code to the end of the video address. All you have to do is add “? t = X”And where we add the X will go the seconds that we want the video to jump until we reach the right time.

It is handled through seconds, which means that if we want that skip 2 minutes we will have to add “120” and it would remain “? t = 120” then the video that we are going to share will start in 2 minutes.

Another fairly simple method to share a YouTube video in exactly one minute is to play it until the moment we want to share it. Then we press pause and we right click on the same video.

You will be able to see a menu where the option “Share video URL from current minute”In this way, the address that we should share is automatically copied to the clipboard.

In turn, related to the above, you may be interested in sharing a YouTube video to Instagram Stories, something that also tends to cause doubts in newbies.

youtube logo share video

Share YouTube video at an exact moment

In the event that you are on a mobile device, the process is still quite simple. We play the video and when we get to the minute we want to share, we pause it. After this simply click on “Share”And copy the link. The address of the video with the exact moment you stopped the video will be copied to the clipboard.

As you can see, it is extremely easy to share a video at the exact moment. You have a few options to be able to carry it out. Per se Youtube it has a lot of cool features and tricks. Both for those who enjoy its content and for those who create content for this great social network.

You can even download 4K YouTube videos on both computer and mobile devices without requiring third-party programs. You can even remove the ads from the videos so they don’t bother you, something that is ideal when we use it to listen to music online for free, but for this you should know the best ad blockers for PC.

Remember that if you still have any questions about how to share YouTube videos at the exact moment you can leave it a little further down in the comment box and we will be happy to help you.

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