How to Share Google Docs Links in PDF Format (Example)

Working from a computer has become an extremely everyday thing for most. In most jobs you will end up having some kind of contact with a computer or a terminal in order to be able to write files as personal references, for example.

This, and the way computers are used today is not the same as how they were used in the second generation of these computers. Most people have made a computer an indispensable work tool, where computers documents they are the central part of the whole work system.

These documents are usually stored in different parts. Many people tend to save them to a hard drive, an external hard drive, or simply a cloud. This last option has been the favorite of many, because it facilitates in a certain way the sharing of each document.

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An excellent example of this is Google Docs. This is an addition of Google, through which you can upload, write documents, slides, spreadsheets, edit, save and share different files. It is a very efficient and safe way to save your documents, as well as to manage them.

Likewise, Google Docs has become a fundamental part of the work of many people, since it allows documents of all kinds to be shared and, with the appropriate permissions, others can easily modify these documents with total control of what it is done by the document administrator.

Given this, you may be interested in being able to share a Google Docs document in PDF, and luckily Google has thought of convenient ways to do it. See below how.

google docs document

Your Google Docs link directly to PDF

It is possible that you are a person who has several documents in Google Docs, and you are interested in being able to share them with different people for whatever reason. But, many often choose to share a document in a PDF format for professional or aesthetic reasons.

And, although there are certainly several ways to share a document in format PDF straight from Google DocsPerhaps the best thing you can do is to be able to share a link that leads directly to the file in PDF format. For this you can make a small trick found in the following step by step:

  • First, enter the document that you want to share in your Google Docs. Here, you will see a blue button at the top that says “Share”. Click on it.
  • You will see several options on the screen, but you must click on the part that says “Advanced”.
  • Among the options that you have opened in Advanced, you will see a field where the address of the document is displayed. You can see that this link ends in «edit /? us = sharing”. You must delete this and change it to «export? format = pdf”. Remember that for your convenience, you can copy the link and edit it anywhere else you want.

Now, you just have to copy and paste your new link to the person you want to share your document with without worrying about generating a new document every time you make a change to your file. The person will go directly to a document PDF.

place google docs link

Downloading the file directly

In case you want to share your document through a particular file and not a link, remember that you can always download the document in different formats.

It really is quite simple, because you just have to enter the Google Docs file that you want to download, enter the upper option of «File» and then in «Download as”And you will see different options to download it in other formats.

Just go to the PDF Document option and you can download the file without any problem. From here it will be ready to be shared in an email or in any other medium you want without the need for a link if it is more to your liking.

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