How to Share Kindle Books from One Family Member to Another Easily (Example)

The Kindle is a mobile e-book reader, which allows you to store, buy, and read documents or books. But, if what you want is to pass part of your collection to someone else, then this article will interest you. We will teach you how to share Kindle books from one family member to another.

An important feature is that these Amazon e-books are constantly changing; recently it was found that the Kindle store has more than six million magazines, books and newspapers. In addition, Amazon with the large number of titles, has guaranteed the existence of readings for all tastes on Kindle.

Although, if you are interested in a book and you want to send it to your Kindle the process is very easy; you should only do it from your email. Or if what you want is to send articles to read on Kindle with Pocket and thus have all your reading lists organized; you can also do it. We will briefly tell you its advantages.

Benefits of having Amazon Kindle

Among the advantages of the Amazon Kindle we can mention that its screen is like an ordinary sheet of a book or you can rotate the screen when reading from your Kindle, so you will feel as if you were the physical book.

Also, the brightness you can accommodate according to your comfort. Its reliability is proven because it was created by recognized virtual stores. Also, as the versions progress, they improve both in function and in different aspects.

Also, with this reader you can borrow books and lend them who you want. But, it is important that you know that by lending a book on Kindle to others, you can only do it for 14 days.

They will only have two weeks to read them. In addition, once the book is borrowed, the person only has seven days to accept the loan; otherwise, if they do not accept it within that period of time, the book automatically returns to your library.

share book with amazon kindle

Likewise, you should know that the book you lend, you will not be able to read it for a period of two weeks unless the person returns it to you beforehand. It should be noted that the Kindle book you can lend only once. Then he will return to your library and will not come out again.

It is important that you clearly know how Amazon Kindle works and that there are books that you will not be able to borrow; because there are publishers that limit the loans of some of them. Well, getting into the matter, we will explain you in this post how to share kindle books quickly and easily.

Steps to share Kindle books from one family member to another

If you are one of the people who like to share with your friends and lend them books; but they are not part of the family library, do not worry because the person does not necessarily have to have a Kindle.

Because there is a free reading app which you can download and thus enjoy the loan of the book. What the person must have is email, and so you will have access to lend him a book.

Once this is done you must start in look for the option Manage Content and Devices click on the tab Content later you will see the book downloads that you have made on your Kindle. Then, to select the book, click on the box To select in the book you want to provide to the other person.

share book with amazon kindle

After, click on the box Actions and an alternative menu will be extended. To continue choose Lend this titleIf it is not available, it means that you will not be able to lend it.

Once you have pressed to provide that title, a page will open so that you can add your friend’s data such as name, email, among others. Once this is done, click the button Send.

Finally, let your friend know so he can check if the message was sent since he has 7 days to receive it. We hope this post has been very useful to you and we would like you to leave your comment. Also, if you want you can share it with your family and friends.

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