How to Share My Mac’s WiFi Internet Connection to Other Users

Apparently having an internet signal has become almost a vital necessity like water or air, although this is a lie, but many claim that they cannot live disconnected.

And although we cannot be so exaggerated, it turns out that having internet is necessary at least to communicate with our relatives. For this reason we bring you the following article that will teach you how to share my Mac’s WiFi internet connection to other users.

share wifi

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In this way, if you have a connection through a network cable, you can use your Mac computer as a Router and share your signal through WiFi. So you can connect to Apple brand devices or any other device that has WiFi receivers. And this you will learn to do quickly through this article.

Maybe you are one of the people who use a computer only to do your university work or for work reasons. And some of the concepts that we handle here are not well understood by you. What we want to tell you is that if you are connected by Ethernet, you can use your Mac as a signal splitter source Wifi.

How to share my Mac’s WiFi Internet connection to other users

We are going to show you how you can share my Mac’s WiFi internet connection to other users. And you will realize that as easy as set up your Mac to display a screensaver. And the best thing about this is that to prevent anyone from connecting to your signal, you can establish a secure username and password.

Next we are going to indicate the steps you must follow to share the internet connection Wifi from my Mac to other users. Of course, you must follow them to the letter so that you do not have problems later. The first thing you are going to do is go to our Mac computer and we are going to click on the Apple logo from the main desktop.

Once this is done, we are going to look for the System Preferences option and select, then we must choose Share. So far everything is going very well, so let’s move on to the next step. What we will do next is make the configuration, which we will make as simple as possible and will consist of linking the internet that we receive from the network cable with the WiFi signal.

Configuration of our Mac to work as WiFi

For this we are going to do the following we are going toname our WiFi signal and we will put the name of our Mac computer. Now we are going to click on the Menu option and of the different options that will appear we are going to choose Internet Sharing. Then in the option Share internet from.

Here you must mark the internet connection that you have network, in the options it will show you which one you have and you must choose it. Now you must go to the option With other computers via and here you will select the Via WiFi option. And then you must exit this window and it will be ready and configured for other devices to connect over the internet via WiFi.

What you have left to do is use your mobile device and look for the option WiFi options so that in this way you can establish a secure one with your Mac. You can realize how simple it is, to transform your computer into a WiFi Router. And in this way you will be saving a good sum of money in the acquisition of a device for it.

share mobile laptop wifi

It is important that you know before finishing this article that the signal that your WiFi will emit will lose speed as you add more devices to the connection. Everything else will work perfectly. And if this way we finished and you could see how easy it is share my Mac’s WiFi internet connection to other users.

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