How to Share Photos and Videos from Google Photos with Another Person Privately – Google Photos (Example)

Technological advances have had a great impact on society. Especially in what to recall moments it means. Not all devices have extensive storage capacities to hold all photos and videos.

That is why they resort to services like Google Photos. Now, how to share photos and videos from Google Photos with someone else privately? Here we show you!

Make the most of this extraordinary file transfer and storage alternative and multimedia elements. Thus, all those pleasant memories will reach all the people you want. You dare?

Let’s talk about Google Photos

This multimedia content storage service was born in 2015 as an extension or variant of Google+. It transcends and stands out for different reasons, mainly versatility and compatibility characteristics.

girl use phone photos google photos

In short, Google Photos has become the preferred service of different types of users, from Android, iOS and computers. And how not to be? With all the advantages, benefits and tools to save photos and videos from Google Photos.

What it is capable of

Not only can you share photos and videos from Google Photos with someone else privately. This service has even implemented tools that help you to recover deleted photos and videos on Google Photos. In addition, it is very important to highlight its storage capacity, which reaches really surprising numbers.

In addition, it has very intuitive functions, which will promote the perfect time to create backup. Google perform these actions automatically in the early morning hours, as long as you have an internet connection. In this way, you ensure that all your elements are at your disposal from any other computer.

Share with others

The Google Photos interface has something extremely poignant about it. It is a notification of memories. The system collects information regarding the date and location of your photos and videos to show them to you. So you will know where you were and what you were doing one, three or five years ago … or even longer!

For storage reasons, downloading photos and videos from Google Photos may not be the best for your device. This is where it is important to know how to share photos and videos from Google Photos with another person privately.

How do I do it?

The procedure is quite simple and you can do it from wherever you want. Smartphone, tablet or computer. You just have to pay close attention to the instructions that you will find here. The rest will be a piece of cake. Cheer up!

  1. Access the Google Photos application or page.
  2. Use your Google account to log in.
  3. Access your multimedia gallery.
  4. Select the photo or video you want to share.
  5. Press or click on the icon corresponding to “Share”.
  6. Choose the option “Send by Google Photos”.
  7. Use the different search methods to select the desired contact.
  8. Send!

The origin of the private conversation

In addition to all this, the sending of your photo or video can be accompanied by a message. Once you have pressed the “Submit” button, Google Photos will create a private conversation.

woman phone private conversation

From here, you and your contact will be able to exchange any type of multimedia file saved in your gallery. The maximum capacity of elements in a Google Photos conversation is up to 20 thousand photos.

Through other applications

Now, if your contact is not linked to your Google account, there is the possibility of share multimedia elements through other applications. The procedure is also quite straightforward.

  1. Enter your Google Photos gallery through the web or the application.
  2. Select the item and click “Share”.
  3. Choose the option “Share in apps”.
  4. Indicate the application through which you want to share.
  5. Select your contact and press “Create link”.

It’s time to share!

In this way, your contact will receive an address that will lead them to view the item you are sharing. Fabulous, right? The time has come to get the most out of this amazing tool.

Google Photos is here to stay and to help you remember beautiful moments. What are you waiting to share with those you love the most those unforgettable moments? Make it possible with Google Photos!

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