How to Share Travel Direction in DIDI in Real Time (Example)

Hiring a transportation service with a stranger can be a very uncomfortable experience, even if it is an Uber service. So for your peace of mind, we show you how share the direction of trips in DIDI in real time. You can also feel confident about the integrity and reliability of this company, since they are in charge of asking customers for verification through their App.

And it is that security has become a priority issue for the largest company dedicated to the mobilization of passengers around the world. For this, it has made it possible through its application share your route itinerary with those contacts that you consider necessary.

How they receive on their Smartphone your location in real time, they can know about your situation at a given moment. So you can be calmer while they make the transfer and if an abnormal situation occurs, you know that they will be able to assist you immediately.

How to share the direction of trips in DIDI in real time

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To be able to share the direction of the trips in DIDI in real time, you must download the DIDI App on your mobile. You must enter the app to be able to add up to five trusted contacts, which you must already have registered in your contact list.

didi's taxi

When entering the application, you must access the main menu, which is achieved by touching the circular button that contains three horizontal bars. This button is located in the right corner of the screen, at the top, and then go to the «security center» option.

This section is where you can select the contacts of your preference, whether they are family or friends, who will «take care of you» during your journey. You must grant the application access to the phone book, selecting up to five of them to share the location in real time.

In this way, every time you use the DIDI service, you will be able to share your location in real time with the contacts you have selected. When you send them the link through the application they will be able to know the information of the vehicle in which you travel and the route that I should go through.

So they know the approximate time you should arrive to your destination and be alert if the driver decides to change the route for no reason.

We can summarize the steps to be able to share the direction of the trips in DIDI in real time in this way:

  1. Access the main menu from the DIDI application.
  2. Select the option «security center»
  3. Grant permission to access the contact book.
  4. Choose up to 5 contacts with whom you want to share the location at any given time.
  5. Send the link to the selected contacts.

This is how easy and simple it is to share the direction of the trips in DIDI in real time, for your peace of mind and security. And in case the plans have changed, you can change your destination from your cell phone very easy and simple.

How safe is DIDI?

In addition to the option to share the direction of the trips in real time, there are other security features of which you can use.

One of them is the security center «Support and Attention 24/7» where a specialized team is ready to attend to your emergencies. They have a contact line through which you can communicate at any time in case of any eventuality.

You also have the so-called «security button» which is part of the Safety Toolkit. It is an icon located at the bottom, on the right that sends a security alert to your trusted contacts.

In this way, you will be able to inform them not only of your travel itinerary but also of any emergency situation that you may experience. Or even if you have decided to add two destinations in DIDI to carry out multiple activities.

didi's taxi line

Other security measures consist of background check of each driver which is accepted to join the platform. Before arriving the assigned car arrives, you will have already received the characteristics of it, so that you can approach it with absolute confidence.

Each driver must pass a facial recognition when connecting to the network, which ensures that the driver is the same as the one who has been hired. In case the vehicle stops for no apparent reason, you will be contacted to verify if you are okay or need any assistance.

Your contact number has been encrypted, so you can never be contacted directly by a driver in the future. These and other measures make DIDI more secure.

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