How to Share your Instagram Stories on WhatsApp

Today one of the most used applications in the world for instant messaging are Instagram and WhatsApp so during the day it is important to share information and images within the application for our contacts, with perfect posts to increase in popularity.

The most common that are shared in the instagram stories They are photos or videos of the moments that we are living or have lived, to commemorate and share with the public that follows you, in the same way on WhatsApp, although this has always been a little more private, because your contact list will always be More detailed.

But in the same way, if your account belongs to a company, you may share more multimedia files to offer your products, maybe a function that helps you share the same stories in both social networks For two different audiences, help you go viral a little more.

Another reason to use and share photos in both applications may be that Instagram It has more effects (insert lek), filters, you can better edit a photo so that later you can share it on WhatsApp.

How to share an Instagram story with music

Placing music to a story in Instagram makes your presentation stand out much more as well as making it more fun and exciting for your followers, so to do it:

  1. Open Instagram.
  2. Select the “+” button at the top right, now select “stories” in the lower options wheel.
  3. You can take or choose a photo or video with or without a filter.
  4. Now tap on the folded face icon> music.
  5. Search by the name or artist of the song, select it and wait for it to load.
  6. Finally, you can add any other text, Emoji, filters, etc.

How to link Instagram with WhatsApp

Like its merger with Facebook, many users have been hoping that Instagram link with WhatsApp And it has been giving the first signs for some time now so that this is definitively established, so that in this way they can open a chat of both accounts in a single application, in order to save time going from one application to another.

At the moment this improvement is only available for company accounts and content creators.

So go to your profile and look for “Edit profile” at the top below your photo, select ‘Public company information’> ‘Contact options’> WhatsApp.

Then add the number you want to connect and tap ‘Send confirmation code’ and once you have confirmed your WhatsApp number, it will be added to your contact options on your Instagram profile.

Share an Instagram story in WhatsApp status with music

This is a highly acclaimed question but the truth is that you cannot share a story to another application and keep the music out of respect for copyright, with the exception of Facebook that is directly merged with Instagram, so it is not possible for you to share the same history to WhatsApp with the music you placed on Instagram.


How to share Instagram videos to status by WhatsApp

In the interface of Instagram When you have edited the video in your stories, and you feel that you are comfortable with the result, before publishing it, select the icon of a down arrow at the top right so that you can download the video in your gallery.

If it is a publication in the Instagram Fed You can share it and it will automatically be saved in the gallery if you have this function activated, to activate it you must go to your Instagram profile and press the icon with the three stripes in the upper left part> Settings> Original Photos, the switch must be in green so that all the images or videos that you publish in the Fed are saved in the gallery of your mobile.

Now open WhatsApp and at the top choose “states”> Add a new state, and at the bottom a mini gallery opens where the most recent photos or videos should appear from there you can add to share in your story, since there is no one most direct way to do it.

How do I send an Instagram video on WhatsApp

In the same way that you share the instagram video In WhatsApp stories you can send it to your contacts, looking for the chat you want to send it to and selecting the small clip on the right side of the text box to select the gallery and find the video you want to send, after selecting it press the button green.


Can I share a WhatsApp status on my Instagram stories?

Vice versa you can share one, but this way it can be a little easier since you only have to go to WhatsApp> states in the circle of your states select the three points፧ .

Next, the panel will open with the statuses that you have published, there next to the one you want to publish, select the three points again፧ so that in the small drop-down menu you can choose the option to “share” automatically the Android menu will open with the applications available for sharing select Instagram story, you can modify and share it.

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