How to Ship a Package or Product by Wallapop? – Wallapop Shipments (Example)

How to send a package by Wallapop safely? It is a question that you must surely be asking yourself. Even more so, if you are new to the platform and fully know how it works.

Luckily, the developers have thought about this, and came up with a way to ship products in a really secure way. All thanks to Wallapop Protect and GENEI, services that will help you with this task.

A solution to shipping problems

If you don’t really know Wallapop, it is defined by being a platform that allows you to buy or sell second-hand items in excellent condition. It was developed in Spain and in a short time it echoed in the market, reaching a large number of affiliates.

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But, some time ago, after the birth, there were always trust problems when sending a package through Wallapop. Something that quickly came to concern many users, and their owners.

So, they were forced to create a means by which you could make purchases and sales safely between remote locations. This solution is called Wallapop Protect, a platform that facilitates the aspect of payments and shipments.

The postal service, the best option to send a package by Wallapop

As you read before, the management of the shipments of each product in Wallapop had to be done in instances outside the application. This, in some cases, it caused some suspicion as a buyer, since, the only reliability test you had, was the seller’s word.

wallapop wallapay white background

Precisely, thanks to this reason, the developers of the application thought that it would be an excellent idea to create a means to create a guarantee. A way that, you could fulfill your part as a salesperson and, at the same time, feel safe to buy at Wallapop.

This is how Wallapay was born, which currently has the name of Wallapop Protect. Thus, the money from the operation is kept in a secure deposit until the buyer indicates (within 48 hours) that everything has been done normally.

Of course, this could also expose you as the seller. Since, when sending a package in Wallapop, a malicious buyer could lie about the status of the operation.

Luckily, the platform makes a partnership with the postal service, which keeps accounts of the movements made through Wallapop. In this way, the service can verify that you have done your part by placing the package for shipping to the correct address.

Although, it has certain disadvantages, that is, has certain limitations, as a maximum of 4 kilos per order. On the other hand, it is a service that is only available in Spain, so people from other countries cannot count on it.

Now in costs with the GENEI service for shipments by Wallapop

On the other hand, there is another viable option to make or how to send a package in Wallapop, and that is well seen by users. This alternative is GENEI, a comparator that is in charge of contrasting the different parcel services.

genei home platform

It is developed outside the purchase platform, but since the secure deposit method exists, makes it an amazing tool. More than anything, because it allows you to compare the price of shipments according to each agency.

This will allow you to have a wide range of options regarding the price of the packages, which will directly influence the price of your product. In the same way, you can also enjoy different modalities, that is, if you want the delivery time to be the standard, or to be taken with some urgency.

Likewise, you can get other types of related benefits, such as discounts depending on the selected destination. All this managed in a well-organized manner, with total professionalism and securitySimply log into Wallapop and open the GENEI page to proceed.

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