How to Ship by Mercado Libre and How Much Do They Cost? Can I Ship Free?

Mercado Libre is a website that offers various ways to make shipments or deliveries of the products that are sold on said platform. This is one of the aspects that is why it is considered one of the safest websites to buy.

Therefore, most people know what Mercado Libre is and how it works, but they do not know the shipping methodologies available on the platform. Likewise, they also tend to ignore what is the value of sending for the products that are sold in Mercado Libre.

In this way, we will show you how make shipments through Mercado Libre and how much they cost. In addition, you will learn if it is possible to send free shipping on this platform, so that you can take advantage of all the Mercado Libre shipping methods once and for all.

How to ship through Mercado Libre

You should know that You choose the shipping method on your own, because Mercado Libre does not ship automatically. Therefore, you can use Mercado Envíos, make personal deliveries and make shipments on your own.

First of all, the Market Shipping option gives you the option of free shipping. But in this case, it is you as the seller who must pay around half of the product’s shipment. However, this option allows you greater visibility on the Mercado Libre platform.

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On the other hand, you also have the option of make personal delivery in the products that you manage to sell in Mercado Libre. For this you must establish a meeting place with your client and we recommend that you have him sign a delivery form, to avoid future disagreements.

Finally, you can use the option to make shipments on your own. This will depend on the shipping agencies and companies to which you want to go to send your products.

In this way, you must follow the methods and conditions established by each agency and inform your client of the shipping agencies with which you can deliver the product. Also, you can track the product that you have sold and shipped.

How much does it cost to ship through Mercado Libre

The cost of sent goes to depend on the method to carry out the same that you have chosen to deliver the product you have sold.

In this way, in case you have decided to use the shipping platform that Mercado Libre has, which is Mercado Envíos, the cost of shipping will depend on the area that has been defined for delivery. In addition, in this case the cost of shipping will be in charge of the buyerr of the product.

Likewise, if you make a shipment on your own, that is, if you use a shipping company or agency, the cost of it it will depend on the value of the company’s services. In this way, you only have to inform yourself of the value of making shipments of the company you choose and agree on the delivery destination with your client.

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Finally, in case you decide to make personal deliveries, this modality does not have any shipping cost beyond the time you invest in making the delivery with the buyer. However, it will be up to you if you decide to charge for making personal deliveries of your products.

I can make free shipping in Mercado Libre

Free shipping at Mercado Libre will depend largely on the method you choose to deliver your product. So if you want to send frees the agency delivery method is ruled out.

On the other hand, the delivery method of Mercado Envíos allows you to get up to 50% discount in the shipment if the purchase that the customer has made exceeds a certain amount.

In addition, if you choose the free shipping mode on the Mercado Envíos platform, you should know that the percentage of which take over the platform It will depend on how you have been qualified as a seller among other characteristics to fulfill.

On the other hand, a simple way to send free shipping in Mercado Libre is, actually, make personal deliveries. In this case, you should only consider certain aspects that protect your integrity as a seller, such as agreeing a safe area for delivery and signing a document that evidences the name of the product, signature and identification of the person receiving.

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