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Signatures and other types of identification on legal matters They are very important; Through a signature, you can do infinities of procedures such as the purchase of goods, the acceptance of a work contract, the signing of a university degree, among others.

For the signature of any document, the person should be holder of that identificationHowever, the owner may also authorize a third party to carry out a procedure. This is called a letter of authorization; If you want to know what the matter is about, we will briefly explain it to you.

What is a letter with authorization on behalf of another person?

When we are going to sign a check, an employment contract, the purchase of products through a credit card, and many similar procedures, it is necessary that there be a personal authorization or mediated by a third party, that is, a person authorized for the matter.

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An authorization letter can make this possible. Through a civil registry, or instances registered with it, with the help of a notary or a lawyer, it is possible to obtain a authorization written on paper, where two entities, persons or companies, agree to give the signed agreement so that one of them is authorized to sign documents for the other.

There are issues to which a digital identification by means of a virtual signature; For example, there are virtual signatures of PDF documents, with which large companies can do business with each other and everything has the necessary legality. But there are also other matters where the physical presence of the owner or authorized third party is necessary.

person signing authorization letter

In a letter of authorization on behalf of another person, legal permission can then be given to any entity, whether business or personal, to sign on behalf of the company or another person respectively, without them having to go to the physical space at the time of the procedure.

What does Per Procurationem or PP mean?

In conceptualization, it can be said that a signature is a symbol or stroke that allows a person to identify himself graphically for the execution of documents, this being a real identification so that there is no falsity in the signed documents.

Per Procurationem is a Latin phrase with the explicit meaning of referring to the power that is delegated to a person to be the legal representative, as is the case of a lawyer, of another person who cannot sign on their own.

This legal delegation is carried out by the writing a letter of authorization that is passed through notarial institutions, a power of attorney for procedures, where it is recorded that two people have agreed, one to assign, and the other to accept the power that is being granted. This power of attorney will then serve for the delegate to advocate as a delegator in legal, business situations or where the signature of the holder is warranted.

The initials PP are given so that in the written authorization, the signature of other documents is allowed by simply putting these letters prior to the delegate signature, who at the time of signing, must make it clear to the representation of who or what entity is representing.

How to sign an authorization letter on behalf of someone else in your absence?

The signing of a letter with authorization representing another person is a legally delicate matter and the execution of this type of document has to be mediated with great care by the notary, and of the signing parties, so that it does not give rise to illegalities or injustices.

A notarized writing must then be made in which are specified in detail each and every one of the personal and legal data of the people in question, with great precision in the identification, taking fingerprints and signatures of each compromised party.

businessman signing an authorization on behalf of another person

The letter with authorization must be signed at the last of the writing, and with it it is possible to carry out procedures and sign physical and / or virtual documents, for which you must also inform yourself about how to create a digital signature by mail or other online means . The letter with authorization will allow to execute or carry out legal procedures by another person in your absence.

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