How to sign up for the SinDelantal Job Board? – He works for SinDelantal as a delivery man (Example)

If you are one of those enterprising people who seek to be their own boss in a certain way, then you have come to the right place. Since in this tutorial you will see how to get a job as a delivery person in the best Home Services App, answering the question How to sign up for the SinDelantal job bank?

And, if you are one of those who needs an extra income, this could be a good job option, where the only thing you will do is work as a delivery person following the orders that clients send you. The best app in this field is without a doubt SinDelantal (although they change, you can find out how to work in Rappi, because that app is also good).

How to sign up for the SinDelantal job bank?

If what you want is be able to sign up for the SinDelantal job bank, The first thing to do is fill out the form found on the internet (on the official website), to see if they take you into account or consider you.

In this form you have to enter the following information: names, surnames, your email (the one you use the most), mobile phone, the state and city where you reside at that time (the address must be your fixed address, then you can change it ).

When you finish entering all the data you need, you have to press the “Done” button that is on the page. With that, the form will be sent and you can choose to fill out another with more information.

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After your application is submitted, the team will contact you, so you will no longer have to do anything yourself. Now, you have to keep in mind that you have to have certain tools so that they can give you the job.

Which are: Having an Android or smart mobile phone with an operating system greater than 5.0 (running the application and the SinDelantal order manager), having safety equipment such as a helmet, having a vehicle to transport yourself, and for last to have a data plan of 2gb and a portable battery for the mobile.

If you have all this, then your chances will increase, if you don’t have them, you can still be hired, but you will have to get the tools because they are completely mandatory (without them you do nothing).

How does the app work when you are a delivery person?

Now that you know the process to start working at SinDelantal or sign up for its job board, it is time for you to see how the App works, so that you can better master the subject in case they want to do an interview with you.

The first thing you have to do is obviously download the application, after you have it you must configure your user. When you are ready to work (take into account that you must be available), You will have to click on the “Connection” button found in the upper right part of the App.

With said action Notifications will begin to arrive with the orders you have to make, Each of these will be given to you taking into account the distance from where you are with respect to the restaurant that is specified in the order.

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You will have 60 seconds to accept a job, if you do not do the order it will be sent to another and you will lose it. By accepting a job you take responsibility for the order and the image of the company rests on your shoulders (make an effort).

With that last thing you read, you know enough about how to sign up for the SinDelantal job board, so now go to the website so that you can send your application and be contacted in the shortest possible time.

Remember that in SinDelantal you earn by the hour, so your salary will depend directly on how much you work, this is why You have to put all the desire in the world so that you can get ahead as you should.

Take into account also, that if you have your own establishment, you can always start selling at SinDelantal, so that your profits increase much more.

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