How to Solve the Problem that Won’t Save a Job in Illustrator (Example)

Adobe programs have enjoyed a great reputation worldwide thanks to the quality of the tools offered to its users. Millions of people use the different programs of this company every day to carry out their photography, design and many other areas.

However, no program is free from errors. Now, the situation can become desperate if they occur when you have saved a document and, later, the program does not recognize it, and, therefore, you cannot view its content.

Similarly, there may be a error when trying to save a document… How to solve it? Here you will get the answers you need.

Adobe illustrator

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In the field of design, this is one of the Adobe programs that have stood out the most is, without a doubt, Illustrator. Released in 1987, this is an application perfect for vector drawings, as well as for the creation of different graphic elements adaptable to mobile devices, web platforms, editorials, layouts, among others.

The use of Illustrator in the field of graphic design

As mentioned above, Adobe programs stand out for their high quality, and of course Illustrator has not been oblivious to all this success. You will not believe the amount of designs that you could achieve with this extraordinary program.

Illustrator in the field of graphic design

From design for magazines, books, newspapers, logos, maps and any other type of printed medium, Illustrator has really important tools to cover any area in which the creation and design of graphic elements is needed.

Problems in Illustrator?

It is well known that most programs, not only from Adobe, but from any other company, make constant updates with the aim of improve the performance of the program or application.

However, many times, correcting one error can result in a different one being generated. One of the errors that Adobe Illustrator users have reported the most is at the time of save the created documents.

That is why this article is aimed at solving these problems, so that this uncomfortable moment is simply that: uncomfortable, and does not become desperate for not being able to save the design that has required so many hours and energy.

What to do in these cases?

When you search the web, you will get endless solutions aimed at solving the problem you are presenting. Of course, the first step is to identify the error thrown by Adobe Illustrator, since, taking the wrong paths could not only not solve your problem but also aggravate it, giving rise to others.

What to do in these cases

Within the basic solutions, you will find some of the style of: check the format in which you are saving the document, uninstall and reinstall the program, not to mention that the problems may be due to your computer not meeting the minimum requirements required by the program, causing these inconveniences.

Fixes to save your designs successfully

Another possibility is that it is something plain and simple from the Adobe Illustrator version, so the main way is to update the program. However, here are a number of solutions that can help you:

  • Check your licenses. Elements such as the fonts that you use in your design can cause problems when saving. Some fonts may not be licensed for your version of Adobe Illustrator, so you will need to make some modifications.
  • Have you tried saving in another format? The most common constraint for this tip has been to use the .ps (PostScript) extension when saving the document, and then open it and try to save it with the .ai extension, which is the one corresponding to Adobe Illustrator.
  • Copy and paste. It may sound silly, but it can also be effective. Select the content of your document, copy it, create a new document, paste it and try to save it.
  • Some files may contain corrupted items. You must identify the elements or patterns that interfere with the saving process of your file and eliminate them.

Save what you need!

With these useful tips, you will solve the problems that Adobe Illustrator presents and does not let you save your files. Avoid unpleasant moments and win the game over these system problems.

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