How to Solve the Problem When Siri Hears Me Not Hearing Me (Example)

One of the novelties of the year 2011 was the intelligent assistant sponsored by the Apple brand, Siri, which was integrated into the devices Iphone 4s.

This voice tool can help us in various tasks, since with it, we can not only know essential weather data, or even inform ourselves about the results of a soccer game, but we can also schedule tasks and make calls, use it as a personal translator, and we can even transform Siri’s voice all with the use of some voice commands

However, you can also type some text commands in Siri so that this smart assistant can do what you want. But within its operation, it is possible that some failures arise, which can cause Siri not to work correctly within your iPhone. In this post we will help you to solve these errors so that you can use it comfortably.

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Your device may not support this tool

«Hey Siri» is a function that is adapted only for a few devices of the brand, this is due to the fact that they have tools and essential elements for their correct operation. The devices that have the capacity to support “Hey Siri” are:

  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 6s
  • iPhone 6s Plus
  • 9.7-inch iPad Pro

In the same way, you can access the official Siri page to know in detail with which devices this smart assistant is compatible.

Start by checking that the application is activated

Logically, although not so much for some, for this tool voice, works correctly, it must be active previously. If you are not sure that the application is active within your deviceWe recommend that you follow the steps below and check it out for yourself:

  • Start by heading to the settings section
  • Then in it, enter the tab «general«And there you will find the option of»Siri”To which you must enter
  • Once there, you can check if it is active or not, if it is deactivated, you just have to press the activate button and everything will be ready for you to start using it again

Try disabling low power mode

Although the option of «Hey Siri» does not usually consume much Energy, the function itself, usually consume enough even if we do not have it activated. For this reason, if we have the low consumption option activated, it is possible that this tool does not work in the correct way that it should work.

All this, because the application understands that we need to save energy and for this reason, it itself deactivates itself, until said low-consumption option is deactivated again.

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We force a reboot of the device

If all the previous steps that we have highlighted have been in perfect condition and therefore we have not had to do anything about it, the next step we must take is to be able to restart the iPhone or our iPad, according to the case.

To be able to force this restart we must press the rest buttons together, in addition to the start buttons until we see the apple again. You must bear in mind that during this whole process we cannot release the buttons, until the apple does not appear on our screens or otherwise, we will only make the device turn off.

Perform a «Hey Siri» reconfiguration

Ultimately, if we want to achieve that Siri respond to this famous command, we must do as we mentioned before a previous configuration, which is necessary if we want it to recognize our voice.

In order to do it, the process is quite precise, since you must start by deactivating the function of this application from the settings and after that, reactivate it by pressing the switch that will appear within the wizard of setting.

It is important that we follow not only the steps that the application and the tutorial indicate, but also that we must not skip any of the process explained there. And voila, with this you can solve this problem that usually occurs in a common way with this application mobile.

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