How to Squeeze and Get the Most Out of My Netflix Account?

Netflix is ​​the best streaming service that has quality series and movies; If you have a Netflix account you can get the most out of it with a few simple tricks; therefore, in this article you will learn how to How to squeeze and get the most out of your Netflix account?

How can I get the most out of my Netflix account?

Customize the subtitles:

To many Netflix users They find the subtitles annoying that appear in your series or movies, because they are distracting when you are enjoying the content that Netflix offers; sometimes they are not even distinguished by the background of the film.

However, Netflix has an option that allows you customize subtitles so that they do not interfere when you enjoy your favorite movie or series.

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To customize the subtitles you must: open your Netflix account; > once inside your account go to the option «My profile» > Then select «Appearance of subtitles» In this section you can customize the size, font, color and shading of the letters> Finally click on «Keep» the changes will be made on all the devices that you have linked to your account. You can also put the subtitles in any language on Netflix.

Search hidden categories:

The catalog that Netflix offers is immense, that is why on its official page you can see the content that this platform offers classified into categories; however, this classification is still annoying when it comes to finding a particular movie. But there is a trick that many users do not know, which allows you to better filter the content offered by this platform.

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These are the steps you must follow> Type the following in your browser URL: / ??? (You must replace the question marks with the gender code)> Press Enter to start the search> It will immediately redirect you to the category you are looking for.

To find out the codes for each category, search your browser for the list of alternative Netflix genres; In this list you will see a large number of codes that make it easier for you to search for series and films by genres. You must bear in mind that some categories are not available in Spanish because their catalog is smaller. In this way you can watch movies and series in the hidden categories of Netflix.

Parental controls

This option allows you to manage the shows and movies that your family members can see within the Netflix platform; you can also create individual profiles for each household member based on age and the content you want them to see.

To activate parenteral controls you must go to your account> Click on «Settings» (adjustment)> «Parenteral controls» > Enter a pin 4-digit> Manage programs according to your needs and preferences. It is also important that you search Netflix by MPPA age rating.

Set the video quality

Netflix offers HD content that can be difficult to enjoy if your internet connection is failing; but you can configure the video quality from your account. To do this, access your account and enter the option «My profile» > «Playback settings» > Set it to «Low», «Half» or «High». In this way you will implement the best video quality when using Netflix to better watch movies and series.

What keyboard shortcuts can I use when using Netflix from my PC?

There are a number of shortcuts that you can use when using Netflix from your PC (Mac or Windows); This will allow you to control the playback more easily without the use of the mouse.

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  • Space bar or Enter: Pause and play.
  • Up arrow: Turn up the volume.
  • Down arrow: Lower volume.
  • Left arrow: Rewind the movie.
  • Right arrow: Fast forward the movie.
  • Letter M: Mute the volume.
  • Esc: Exit full screen.
  • Ctrl + Shift + Alt + S: Prevent the next chapter in a series from playing.
  • Ctrl + Shift + Alt + Q: The video progress bar appears.


  • Space or Enter: Pause and play.
  • Cmd + Right Arrow: Fast forward the movie.
  • Cmd + Left Arrow: Rewind the movie.
  • Opt + Up Arrow: Raise the volume.
  • Opt + Down Arrow: Decrease the volume.
  • Shift + Ctrl + Opt + S: To prevent the next chapter from playing.
  • Letter M: Silence.
  • Esc: Exit full screen.

Netflix is ​​the best streaming platform in the world that provides its users with the best content in terms of series and movies; that’s why follow these tricks and get the most out of your account Netflix.

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