How to Start an Egg Layer Poultry Business – Step by Step

For a product or service that we offer to be successful in the market, it must be demanded. The egg is a very consumed product, which does not require a large investment and the laying hen business can be dual-purpose, since in addition to producing eggs, chicken meat is also produced. What makes it an ideal business to sell and invoice easy.

We show you what you must take into account to start a poultry business for egg-laying hens as well as the steps to take to get started in this incredible business.

How many chickens do I need to start an egg-laying hen poultry business?

Planning is the most important thing when it comes to starting a business, and knowing how many hens to start a laying hen business with is necessary. On average each hen lays one egg a day. So, for example, if you need 700 eggs in a week, you are going to need at least 100 laying hens in your business.

In this way, you can start your business with around 50 laying hens, or even less. Remember that the number of laying hens you choose to put in your hen house will depend on the number of eggs you want to produce. You can use an Excel form where you reflect the number of chickens you have and the amount of eggs that on average these will produce per week, with the example that we already gave you.

group of laying hens in chicken coop

So, defining the number of chickens that you will put in your hen house is also important for you to choose the space properly. Well, if they feel safe in their chicken coop it will be reflected in egg production.

Steps to start an egg-laying hen poultry business

The poultry business of raising hens for laying eggs it is of double benefitIn addition to producing eggs, it is possible to obtain meat from the hen at the end of the life cycle of the hen. We show you the steps you must follow to get started:

Choose the number of chickens to start. This will depend both on the amount of eggs you want to produce, as well as the space you have at your disposal. You should get the chickens from a vet-certified supplier to make sure they are healthy chickens.

The hen house for the chickens must have adequate space of at least one square meter for every 4 or 5 chickens.

You must include nests and drinkers in the chicken coop. To ensure the integrity of your hens you must have a drinker for every 20 hens and a nest for every 4 of them.

pair of chickens outside

Install lighting and ventilation in the chicken coop. You must expose the chickens to 12 hours of light and likewise the ventilation allows the chickens to stay cool and not die. The regularity of the ventilation will depend on the external climate.

Feed your chickens properly. You can find a variety of shredded or organic foods. But ideally, I think you should use one that has at least 20% protein and 4% calcium. Clean your chicken coop or shed frequently, since it will depend on this that no disease sprouts in the hens.

How to choose the right hen house to start an egg-laying hen poultry business?

A good production of eggs will depend in part on the conditions in which the hens are in the hen house or shed. You need for 4 or 5 chickens a minimum space of one square meterIn this way we will provide the hens with adequate space to develop.

Likewise, you must pay attention to the weather conditions where you are going to locate your chicken coop, since chickens are sensitive to heat and cold. So if you are going to leave your chicken coop outdoors, make sure that it at least has a space with a roof and nests raised off the ground for the rainy season.

Also, you must install nests inside the chicken coop, which measure around 50 centimeters in diameter. It should be made of a material such as straw and should also be separate from both the drinkers and the feeders. So that chickens feel more comfortable laying their eggs.

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