How to Start or Boot my Mac in Safe Mode? – Recovery Mode (Examples)

Apple is positioned today as one of the most successful corporations in the world in the field of technology. Thanks to advanced electronic device design, which are not only splendid in appearance, but include a proprietary operating system or software.

The company had its beginnings in the United States, in the mid-1976, when its founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, they meet and decide to share their taste for computing.

Years later and with the creation of computers that one by one exceeded the expectations of users. Apple manages to earn respect and admiration in the industry. Building today an empire of unique and quality electronic equipment.

In this way, the Apple company became one of the most prominent companies worldwide, in terms of the development of intelligent equipment.

What is a Mac and how to start in safe mode?

On 1984 and during the fourth generation of Apple “Lisa” computers, the computer is presented on the market “Macintosh” that included the novelty of its own software or operating system called MacOS.

MacOS is the software developed exclusively for all electronic devices of the Apple brand, which includes, among other aspects, a binary combination granted to each device and that functions as the equipment’s own identification code.

The software allows you to execute actions on the computer for a better coverage in wireless networks, advanced technical support and perform actions such as entering safe mode or recovery mode, to protect your computer.

In case the Mac software is faulty or errors in command execution, have been implemented two computer logon modes, which protect your computer to prevent significant loss of files or sensitive information.

How do I start my Mac computer in safe mode?

How to start my Mac computer in safe mode

Safe mode allows the computer perform a diagnosis on the database and determine if any third-party software is causing login failures. To activate this resource on the device, the following actions must be completed consecutively:

  • Click on the button “Power” to turn on or restart your Mac device, and immediately press the “Caps Lock” for a long time.
  • You will find a window to log in that has in the upper right corner the option to “safe boot”.
  • The diagnosis will automatically be carried out and will proceed to loginIf the problem persists or the restart is not completed, MacOS must be reinstalled.
  • It is advisable to check that Apple’s own software, as well as applications installed by independent servers, are working with the updated version, otherwise there may be some incompatibility error.

How to boot into recovery mode with my Mac computer?

Start in recovery mode with my Mac computer

There is an option that can be much more useful if the faulty team has sensitive information or information that has not yet been backed up. In order to login in safe mode you can do the following process:

  • Press the button “Power” to log in or restart the device.
  • Now press the power key simultaneously and during the power-on process. “command” plus the key “R”.
  • You will see that the computer logs in to “Recovery mode”
  • You will need to go into the “disk utility” section to create a backup of your resources, in case you haven’t done so before.
  • To create the copy you must mark in Macintosh HD and select the option “check”, then you will be given the option to “create a new disk image”.

It is important that you have a USB device with enough storage space. You can also give the backup a name.

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