How to Start, Shut Down and Save the State of Virtual Machines in VirtualBox? (Example)

Virtual machines are one of the best inventions ever made. Since they allow one operating system to be used within another in a very simple way (they even allow you to copy or clone a virtual machine to another PC, that is, to pass an operating system to another computer). That is the reason why it is good to learn everything about how it works. With that in mind today you will see how to start, shutdown and save the state of virtual machines in VirtualBox.

And, there are few people who really know how to use a virtual machine (not to say that almost nobody knows what they are), which is very bad, because they are a great invention that can make anyone’s life much easier. That is why it is time for you to learn the basics and main about them.

Start, shutdown and save the state of virtual machines in VirtualBox

To get straight to the point, in order for you to learn effectively how to start, shut down and save the state of virtual machines in VirtualBox, you have to go in order, so you will first see the start of a machine.

Open the program to bring up the main window (if you don’t have it, download it from its page), and then stand on top of the green arrow that appears in the top bar which is named “Start”, When you click it, it will display the options you have to turn on a machine which are:

“Normal start” which is the most common and turns on the machine like any computer, “Start without screen” which will turn on the virtual machine but it will not show you the window to use it at once, but you must right click on it and then select the option “Show”.

white virtual box usb

This start is recommended when you are going to use several virtual machines at the same time, to move from one window to another quickly. Finally there is the “Undockable Start”, which will open the virtual machine with a box around it, which will allow you to edit the window size.

Saving the virtual machine

Now that the first part of the unknown has been solved How to start, shutdown and save the state of virtual machines in VirtualBox? It’s time for you to learn the second one, the save.

For this, you have to first press the red X button that appears in the upper right part of the window, doing so will bring up several shutdown options and a call “Save machine status “ squeeze it.

This will cause the machine to freeze or save, so it will close the display window and stop consuming resources, but what you have been doing inside it will remain there paused until you want to return.

Which you can do by right-clicking on the machine (which will be on the right of the screen), so that you get the drop-down menu where you can click “Start” again.

Virtual machine shutdown

Now that you know how to start and save, the easiest part of all comes, turn off the machine to finish the day of work and rest. If you want to achieve that you just have to click on the red X in the upper right, as if you were to close a normal window, here it will give you two shutdown options:

virtualbox and ubuntu icons

“Send the shutdown signal”: which allows you to turn off the machine as you would on a normal computer, from the start menu. “Shut down the virtual machine”: this acts as if the cable of a computer had been disconnected, that is to say it turns it off abruptly.

And that’s it, with that last thing, the question has finally been answered How to start, shutdown and save the state of virtual machines in VirtualBox? The next step is to head into your program and start using your machines however you want. Also remember to keep looking for information about this technology, because there are many more functions such as the one that allows you to print a document from a virtual machine, or the one that lets you configure connecting virtual machines via Wi-Fi or an external network, so don’t get left behind and move on. .

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