How to stop receiving messages from Rappi? – Deactivate SMS messages from Rappi (Example)

Rappi is one of the best home delivery apps out there, this is mostly due to the fact that they have great publicity that allows them to attract partners and customers. Although this is a good thing, sometimes aggressive advertising can become annoying And with that in mind, today you will see How to stop receiving messages from Rappi?

Nobody likes to have a product put in their eyes every 20 seconds, doing that can cause the opposite of what is search with advertising, Because it can generate revulsion and make you hate what is being offered, Rappi obviously cannot be hated, but he can be stopped so that he does not bother so much.

How to stop receiving messages from Rappi?

To get straight to the point and quickly achieve the process to stop receiving messages from Rappi, you have to first go to the application in question and open it on your phone (the option to delete these SMS is inside).

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Once inside, click on the icon of your profile or on the option that lets you enter it, then click on the button that is named «Notification center”, In that section you will get three activated selections (these indicate how notifications are sent to you).

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Proceed to click on the option «SMS» and make sure that it changes from green to gray, then press in the same way on «Push notifications«And voila, with that Rappi will no longer send you anything to your cell phone (Push notifications are not mandatory for SMS to be deleted).

Keep in mind that this is the only way to delete these messages, since not even when deleting and deleting my Rappi account forever, will the annoying advertisements stop arriving (your number is linked to the company).

So if you want to stop receiving messages from Rappi completely, you’d better follow the steps outlined above. Take into account that sometimes you can receive Rappi coupons or discount codes by SMS, so leaving messages deactivated forever may not be such a good idea, it’s best if you delete them for periods of time only.

Why does Rappi use these SMS?

Since the initial question has already been answered, it is time for you to see a little extra that will add more context to your mind and increase learning. This would be why Rappi does not stop sending you those happy SMS.

This is basically because it is the most direct form of advertising they have, since you yourself agree to be sent messages once you agree to the terms and policies of the company.

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Without this type of messages, you would not receive the offers, promotions and news (because nobody bothers to read them within the App itself), so for Rappi it is better if at least one person reads the content in another way.

Although this is obviously very annoying, you should not blame the company or remove the App, because it really This does not detract from how well they handle home delivery of products.

And well, with that last thing you read, you already know enough to say that you could stop receiving messages from Rappi whenever you want, so you have once again gained control of your phone.

Take into account everything that was explained to you here (not just the steps to eliminate SMS), and apply what you learned well so that you become an expert user in sending technology. And if at some point Rappi becomes very annoying, then go and try another company.

For that, you can look for articles that give you information about which is better, Glovo, Rappi, Deliveroo, Uber Eats or OrdersYa ?, or also some that tell you which are the best applications to order food at home.

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