How to Straighten or Straighten an Image with Mobile Easily

Straighten an image with your mobile It is a very simple process, you only need to use certain applications, or even with the default editor of any phone. This is done in order to horizontally position a photo or image.

If you want to straighten or straighten an image with your mobile, you can follow this tutorial to learn to do it easily, we will explain how it is done by default, as well as also straighten an image with mobile applications.

How to easily straighten or straighten an image with the mobile?

To be able to straighten an image with the mobile, you do not require much knowledge of photography. In fact, it is a technique widely used by simple editors to improve the orientation of a photo.

What you need to straighten an image with your mobile is simple: a smartphone; nothing more. You don’t even need to learn to edit like a pro with certain programs.

And it is that you do not need to download any application, like the best photo editors without a watermark, but the default editor is enough.

In this sense, what you will do is go to your gallery, enter the photo you want to edit with the horizontal direction, and once there, you will click on the ‘Edit’ option which is commonly reflected with a brush.

put straight straighten image with the mobile

When you tap on the edit option, you will go to the tool whose name is ‘Rotate’ or, on some mobiles, ‘Rotate’. You will give on it with your finger, and then you will see the operation of the tool as such.

You will have to make certain manual adjustments, and achieve the best horizontality, so that the photo is adjusted as you need it.

What applications are used to straighten an image with the mobile easily?

In the way described above, it can be done with most existing mobiles so far, it is very strange or strange that you cannot do it, because any smartphone now comes with the option to ‘Edit’ the images or photographs.

But if you do not have a mobile with this tool, which is almost impossible, you can then look for other mechanisms. There are certain mobile applications for edit photos, which have this tool to straighten an image.

The most used and loved by photo editor users, when it comes to straightening any image or photo, is Snapseed. And it is that this has this automated tool.

To edit photos or images with Snapseed, and straighten it, you just have to open the application on your mobile, then you must go to the gallery to select the photo you want to make straight, and Finally, you just click on the ‘Rotate’ option, and the process will be done automatically.

If it doesn’t run automatically, you can do it manually. This tool is very useful to you, and you can apply it to different photos at the same time, just as an editing is done for several photos simultaneously with the best applications.

How to straighten an image with the mobile when taking a photo?

What has been described above is a way to accommodate or adjust an image, in order to make or straighten its orientation, and it is usually a fairly simple process, which is convenient for photographers or photography enthusiasts.

However, there are those who would like to learn how to take a straightened photo, that is, how the phone should be positioned to take any photograph by straightening it.

take photo and straighten image with the mobile

It is for this reason that there are applications that serve as a plus for our cameras. One of them is Google Pixel, which allows you to take a photograph with an exactly horizontal direction.

To achieve this, the same horizon is used as a means or reference. So that some accuracy is possible for straightened photography.

Just activate this application and you will have a ‘split’ camera in several squares or rectangles, with lines perpendicular to each other, to ‘align with the reference frame’, which in this case is the same horizon.

This option is brought by certain mobile devices in their default camera settings. And it is found by an option called ‘Grid’ or also ‘Ruler’.

That is why it is not mandatory to have such an application. And you can then take pictures of perfectly oriented landscapes on the horizontal axis of reference.

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