How to Subtitle a Video with Adobe Premiere Pro Easily? (Example)

It is no secret to anyone that Adobe continues to surprise its loyal users, and now subtitling a video with Premiere Pro is extremely simple and today, everyone can do it.

In recent years it has become very evident that extensive knowledge in programming or web development is no longer needed to be able to make use of all the digital tools that emerge every day, and it is that yes, now anyone who puts a lot of effort into learning a new skill in the digital world, you can do it easily and without having to do so much research.

Discover everything that Adobe Premiere Pro offers you and why it is so well known

Adobe Premiere Pro is nothing more than the video customization editing software that many YouTube content creators use. And it is that although it is true that Editing videos and exporting them to YouTube is a task that many know how to doExtensions like Premiere Pro add that professional touch you always hope to get.

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This Adobe extension has become well known and used in recent years by have great tools like making slow motion transitions, increase the quality of a video or simply make presets that can be used in several videos simultaneously.

It should be noted that one of the most outstanding features of Premiere Pro is that your videos can be exported with low weight but with excellent quality and in addition to that, subtitling a video with Premiere Pro is extremely simple.

adobe pro premiere app

Now, mentioning all the tools that Premiere Pro offers can be an extensive list, however, the best known and most used are: Isolate external external noise to clean up video sound and avoid the confusion of sounds that have been presented during a recording.

On the other hand, adjusting layers in a personalized way allows each element of a recording to be worked in isolation so that in the end, when they are merged, they work as if they were one.

Can a video be captioned with Premiere Pro?

If what you need is to add subtitles to a video, with Premiere Pro you can do it easily once you make the corresponding payment. Like several Adobe extensions, this program has a subscription payment once you complete the affiliation registration on its website. Once this step is completed, you can start subtitling a video with Premiere Pro and now you will learn how to do it in a simple way.

Write subtitles

To get started, You must write the subtitles that you want to capture in the video. To carry out this step, you just have to go to the projects tab, and in the items option, select subtitles. A new tab will automatically open where you must select the open subtitles option and from there you can configure the sequence of the subtitles with the video itself.

Add the new tab to the timeline

Once the new subtitles tab is created sYou just have to drag it to the timeline so that it is automatically added to the video sequence.

official windows adobe premiere

Customize subtitles

One of the final steps is to simply head over to the subtitles tab where you can choose the background, the font type, the colors and you can even add the borders. If this step is already completed, you just have to add subtitles by subtitles.

To do this it is advisable to listen to small fragments of the video, write it and extend the subtitle on the timeline to where you want it to go. In this way, a much more accurate result is obtained.

The last step, and of course, the most important, is to export the video. It should be noted that when want to subtitle a video with Premiere Pro great care must be taken with details to avoid leaving a segment without a subtitle or for it to disappear prematurely.

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