How to Sue or Report to Mercado Libre Where to Claim a Scam?

Mercado libre is a very famous website internationally, it has a wide variety of products and services, this online platform allows you to buy and sell your used or new objects, with payment facilities, and a special service called “payment market” in which you can be sure that your money is safe.

With the recent health emergency, caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, online traps and scams have been increased, since at the moment it is very difficult to move around and we buy everything online, whether you are going to buy, or if you are selling a product, You must bear in mind that there are many scammers out there, and you must pay attention to certain elements, so as not to fall for a scam and lose your money.

How to report Mercado Libre?

If you have been the victim of a possible scam, if your product did not arrive, or it was not what you expected, or you simply regretted it, and you want to report it, you should contact Free market By phone or email, the number will depend on the country in which you are.

Always before making any transaction it is good that you know how to buy in Mercado Libre, you must be especially careful if they are electronic products, or virtual, like the skins of some popular game, since no shipment is made, it may take longer to resolve your case.

In the event that you do not receive help by phone, you can always contact the company email, which is specified on its home page, or you can go to the customer service section; In the event that you are the seller and you have not received the money, you can always cancel the transaction through the payment manager.

sue or denounce free market for fraud

If you are a seller, you should keep in mind caution and caution when making a sale regarding the payments received, so it is vitally important to know how to sell on this platform in a timely and safe way, using the integrated application. from “Paid market”, in which the two parties must accept that they received the payment or the product, for the operation to be completed.

What is protected purchase and how to use it?

Free market Being a highly prestigious company, it has been implementing services in cases of fraud attempts, protected purchase is one of these, with this service you can return a product that was delivered in poor condition, or that was not directly what you asked for.

In case you make a purchase that is too far away and the shipment it may take more than a week, this company offers a service to track your purchase, and thus be able to be sure that it will arrive at the indicated time, as a first step, you must make the report.

Contact customer service and express what happened, attention to detail is necessary, since this can become a legal problem, so it is necessary that you remember and say everything that happened, once this is done Free market contact the seller to resolve the problem.

In case the seller does not resolve the situation, within 28 dayss, Mercado Libre will take charge of returning your money, the money will be delivered to you in the same way that you made the payment, be it by market payment, or any other means, you must be especially careful when paying with bank transfer, it is better use Mercado Libre services.

Recommendations not to be scammed

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, you must use the paid marketThis security system guarantees that the money is safe and real, until the two parties reach an agreement that one received the money, and the other the product, the transaction does not conclude.

free market shopping without scam

If you wish to buy A product you can check the level of confidence that the seller has, and the number of successful sales they have had, this can give you a lot of information.

If you want sell In this platform, try to do the whole process in it, do not go to third-party apps, so that at the time of a possible failure, all the information is on the page, it never hurts to have your data updated, including your password, following these tips can save you a lot of inconvenience.

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