How to Take a Picture from an Android Wear Watch with my Mobile Camera

Having a Smartwatch can be a great benefit for anyone, since it allows us to enjoy the usual apps in a much more simple and practical way. On the other hand, it also gives us the opportunity to get much more out of our devices, such as our smartphone. If you want to enjoy your Smartwatch more, today we show you how to take a photo from an Android Wear watch with your mobile’s camera.

With the steps that we will show you below, you can take photos on your phone from your own Smartwatch in a simple way. In this way, you can take the photos you want from a distance without any problem. Read on and find out how to do it in just a few easy steps.

How to take photos from Android Wear watch with your mobile camera?

When we get a quality Smartwatch, we can only be happy and excited about everything we can do with it; And rightly so, as the latest Android Wear models are a complete wonder that greatly facilitates our day-to-day tasks.

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But did you know that you can take photos on your cell phone from your own Smartwatch? Well, with a few steps, you can be able to control your mobile camera from the Android Wear watch you have. Of course, to begin with, you must make sure you update your Android Wear smartwatch and that it has a version that allows you to do this.

Steps to take photos from Android Wear watch with your mobile camera

To start this process, it is necessary that you have the updated Google Camera app on your mobile, as well as a Smartwatch with Android Wear. Once you are sure you have everything, follow these steps:

  • Locate your mobile where you want to take the photo.

black smartwatch on wooden desk

  • When you have done this, open the Google Camera app On your cellphone.
  • You will see that a remote control tab will appear on your Smartwatch, which you must select.
  • On the screen of your Android Wear, you will see a blue button that will cover almost all of it.
  • Press said button and wait 3 seconds.
  • Once the photo is taken, it will appear on the smartwatch screen.

Clever! When you’ve done all of this, the photos you’ve taken will be saved in the gallery of your mobile. Apart from this, you can also take screenshot on Smartwatch with Android Wear; this if you want to discover even more and play with the camera of your watch.

In what other ways can you take photos from your Android Wear watch with your mobile camera?

If you have tried to follow the steps described above and have not obtained good results, do not worry, because all this has a solution; you can try other methods. For example, a good option is to synchronize your Smartwatch with your cell phone and take photos through an application.

If it happens that your Smartwatch does not have the Android Wear system, in the Google Play Store you can find many applications that allow us to connect our mobile Android with all kinds of Smartwatches. They have functions such as changing the clock’s wallpaper, receiving notifications, making certain adjustments, among others.

blank smartwatch on woman arm

Once you have achieved connect your Smartwatch to your mobile With any of these applications, go to the apps menu of your Smartwatch and look for «Remote camera». From there, you can take photos with your cell phone camera from your Smartwatch without any problem.

Of course, before doing all this, you should make sure that your Smartwatch has this capacity, perhaps by checking the version of it or contacting the provider. In any case, we can see that configuring your Smartwatch is very simple and is within everyone’s reach.

Thanks to Smartwatches, the lives of many have become simpler and have facilitated tasks that previously seemed impossible to us. We encourage you to continue discovering how to get more out of your Android Wear Smartwatch, and we hope that this information has been of great use to you.

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