How to Take an Exam or Homework in Edmodo as a Teacher or Student

In times of crisis, many students and teachers need to take distance classes as well as all assessments. A very useful tool for this is Edmodo, a educational platform which facilitates all these training and learning activities.

This platform is a free virtual classroom option, like many other alternatives of this type on the Internet. It has a lot of security and features that allow develop classes and content in a very efficient way and with excellent results.

In See how it is done we will explain how to take exams and also assignments, both to teachers and to students.

Plan exams and assignments as a teacher in Edmodo without hassle

Edmodo is used to upload content and distance classes, and it can be complemented with the Zoom platform for video calls. This platform has the availability to be used on both computers and telephones, and works to develop live classes.

To create an exam as a teacher in Edmodo, you have to select the Create option available and then Test. There you can create a new one or select one from the collection that is within the same platform.

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Then you have to place the test data and add the answers according to the types of questions developed. There are categories of multiple choice, completion, true or false, match with the correct answer and multiple answer questions.

All questions can be organized as desired, in addition to adding other more complex characteristics within their formulation. The system has all the tools, as well as the way to weigh it as it is possible and desired, for points.

After saving the test, we can schedule it for a specific day and set a time limit when assigning it. We can also place other features, such as random questions, show the result to the student and block when the deadline is reached.

Assignments or tasks also start with the Create option, then choosing the Assignment part and entering information. If we want, we can place an attachment as additional material for the assignment, followed by the addressees and date.

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In this part, the Edmodo platform gives us the possibility to place a deadline for the assignment. We can program this assignment for later or send it automatically after loading the corresponding information for its correct completion.

Take a test or assignment as a student within Edmodo

A student who must take an exam in Edmodo must first login to your account within the platform. There you choose the Class where the exam message is, and you can filter the search with the word Tests.

When you find the exact test, select Take Test, to read all the important details and rules within it. At the beginning of the test, the time stipulated by the professor to carry out the evaluation begins to run.

Each time a question is completed, the option Next to last must be selected, or skipped for later. The student must check when arriving at the last part and answering missing answers if the time has not finished.

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By selecting Submit Test, the system will ask for confirmation, and the student, if he is sure, must confirm the process. If the person who formulated the evaluation allowed it, the student can see the results of the test to see if they passed.

To make an assignment the process is much easier, starting on the main page of the Edmodo account. When looking for the specific class, you enter the assignment, seeing the deadline and other important aspects of it.

The student must proceed to answer the assignment and if requested, to attach reference files this. They end up handing in the assignment, and then they just have to wait for the teacher’s result of what they handed in.

Inside of edmodo platform there are more details that explain the planning process and responses in depth. With this tool, the evaluation and follow-up process is made much better and more precise in virtual classes.

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