How to Take or Take a Screenshot of Google Maps

It is impressive the different services that we can obtain from Google, not only as an excellent browser. Or like the services it offers for file editions, emails, among others. Now it brings us its web tool that allows users to locate addresses, stores, businesses, traffic, etc. And then we will show you how to make or take a screenshot of Google Maps.

This is a widely used application in smart phones and personal computers, with it users can locate the routes through which they can travel from one place to another.

Although it is not possible to make a copy of the map displayed on the screen, it is possible to make a screenshot. And this we are going to teach you to do in the next article.

This can be done on the different devices you have such as iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or computer. There are many articles that we have made showing you what you should do on your mobile devices and personal computers. And we can share these captures with our friends on different social networks or by email.

How to take or take a screenshot of Google Maps

Next we will tell you the steps to follow to take a screenshot on a computer. Whether you use Windows or Mac operating systems, they come with a default option that will allow you to perform a screenshot, doing just a simple combination of keys.

For Windows 7 users they must write Snipping Tool in the start box and in this way you will have access to the tool to take screenshots.

take screenshot google maps

Then display the Mode option and select Window cutout. The next step is to take the screenshot of Google Maps with the geographical coordinates and you can paste it to the clipboard or anywhere else on the PC.

If your operating system is Windows 8 or 10, you can use the keyboard shortcuts and press the Win + PrtScn keys and in this way make a screenshot of Google maps. These photos will go directly to your Pictures folder. Now if you have a Mac computer, you must do the following steps to quickly take a screenshot.

Here you can have two different ways, depending on the type of capture you want to make. If you want to take a full screen capture, you must press Shift + Command + 3 all this at the same time. If what you want is to capture a fixed region of Google Maps press Shift + Command + 4, at the same time and then use the mouse to draw on the map.

Take screenshots of Google Maps Online

If you use the Google Chrome browser, you can take a screenshot of Google Maps, of course if you use this extension, you can take screenshot of any website they visit, including Google Maps.

To do this we must install this tool to take screenshots, look for the extension and then select the option Add to Chrome.

The icon will be added to the right side of the address bar, now to use it, you must search Google Maps for the image you want to capture.

Then you go to the icon and you must click, this action will take you to a new window with the image. And here you must select the area of ​​the image that you want to capture, but if you wish, you can make some edits to your image.

How to add text, arrows, lines, directions, etc. And once this is done, you must click save and you will choose in which folder to do it.

In this simple way you can capture not only images from Google Maps, but also from other web pages. It is a very versatile tool that you can use anytime you need it.

capture place google maps

In this way we culminate this simple tutorial that I explain some practical techniques that you can use to take screenshots on your personal computers. Regardless of the operating system you use, you will have this tool at hand and you can make or take a screenshot of Google Maps.

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