How to Take Perfect Selfie Photos with the Best Poses, Tricks and Original Ideas

For many people, getting an ideal selfie can be difficult. But actually, capture a perfect selfie photo It’s simple, you just have to consider certain aspects of your surroundings, as well as the proper use of applications to edit several photos at the same time.

The secret behind the perfect selfie is easy to crack. Getting it depends on your attitude and the proper use you give our advice.

Therefore, we will show you how to take perfect selfies photos with the best poses, so you don’t keep missing out on the best tricks and original ideas when taking selfies.

How to take perfect selfies photos with the best poses

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It is currently easy to find millions of photos on the internet that look like impossible to imitate or overcome. But don’t worry, taking the perfect selfie is a matter of attitude and taking into account both the space around you and the lighting in it.

In this way, the first step to taking the perfect selfie photo is have fun in the process. If you are having a good time while taking a selfie, your attitude will undoubtedly be reflected in the photograph. Also, the ideal way for you to get that ideal selfie you want is to not be shy.

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Make the most of the camera that you are going to use for your selfies and do not hesitate to try the one on your phone, as it is possible to take photos like a professional with your cell phone camera. In addition, the advantage of using a front camera for your photos is that it allows you try the poses you want.

On the other hand, you should evaluate the background of your selfie to let nothing ruin a photo that in principle it is perfect. Try to take care of the details of the background you choose for your ideal photo, so that you take advantage of the environment of your photo and this enhances your prominence in the selfie.

Tips for taking perfect selfie photos

  • Take multiple photos at the same time, especially if you are in an open space. You never know who could walk past you and ruin the perfect selfie. Therefore, it is better to delete some photos to repeat the scene again.
  • Know your camera and the applications you are going to use, taking an ideal selfie sometimes depends on the camera you are using. Try the front camera of your phone and also the rear, Compare the photos and choose the best one.
  • Take advantage of natural light, it is always the best lighting option. Good lighting is an essential part of taking the best picture, and selfies are no exception. Always try put yourself in favor of the light, be it that of a lamp or that of the sun, in this way the details are better appreciated.
  • Don’t hesitate to use filters. Many people believe that its use is old-fashioned, but that is false. Nothing that makes your selfie look amazing is going to be out of date. You just have to try the best effects and filters for photos and choose your favorites.

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What are the best tricks, poses and original ideas to take the perfect selfie

  • Find an ideal background, try what you want but take care of the details of the background so they don’t ruin your photo. Don’t be afraid to try solid colored walls or open spaces. The secret behind good photos is the variety and originality, not only of you, but of the backgrounds of your photo.
  • Use the rule of thirds, this is popular with people who regularly take selfies. You just owe tilt your head to the right corner or left of the photo frame.
  • Do not hesitate to smile, many say that the eyes are the door to the soul and if it is true, without a doubt the smile is the way that leads to it. Smile on your photos and you will get an amazing selfie.
  • Try the poses you want. Selfies give you the freedom to use the environment to your advantage, so any pose will be amazing. Just have fun trying, your positive attitude will be reflected in the photograph.
  • Use apps to edit your selfies. Many times the secret behind a perfect selfie is to add a finishing touch by editing the photo like a pro.

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