How to take photos in .RAW format with the Galaxy S5

A few days ago Samsung Galaxy S5 They enjoy Android 5.0 Lollipop but this update has not arrived, officially, at the same time for all versions. The first have been the free Spanish terminals and then their namesakes have been contagious with this change.

Those who have bought the terminal in online stores probably have the German, Polish or any other country version because it is cheaper and therefore may have to wait longer for the update to arrive. In my case I have the German version and I have already installed the update to Android 5.0 Lollipop, I must admit that the change is very big and satisfying. While I don’t really like the change from the black theme to such a white theme (which I will end up getting used to), the progress in notifications is brutal and very productive.

Android Lollipop incorporates a lot of improvements that I am not going to mention right now but there is one especially interesting for photography lovers, the inclusion of support for .RAW format. Some time ago I gave you some brief notions of why you should start shooting in .raw with your reflex and now it’s your turn to start shooting with your mobile.

Not all mobiles can take advantage of this function but more advanced and higher-end cameras can be improved with the necessary knowledge. Unfortunately, the Google camera and the Samsung Galaxy S5 camera do not include support for the .RAW format and there is, to date, only one way to take photos in this format. Below we detail the process to follow.

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  • You shall have Android 5.0, you can wait for the update to arrive officially or opt for some cooked ROM, that’s already your choice.
  • Now, once you have support for the format, you will have to pay for the Camera FV-5 application (2.99 euros in Google Play).

Remember that photos in .dng format cannot be easily viewed in your mobile gallery and for this you must use an application like Raw Decoder Free that allows you to view photos in this format and even convert them to PNG.

WARNING: Camera FV-5 allows you to adjust a lot of parameters manually and, without the necessary knowledge, the photos you take with this application may be much worse than in any automatic mode, although the App is worth it, we only recommend paying If you are really going to take advantage of it, in other cases the photos in .raw without editing and without knowledge to process them will be of little use to you, although on the web there is a lot of information about it and useful tutorials to get the highest quality from them .

UPGRADE: Until Samsung modifies the firmware of the S5 they will not be able to take photos in .RAW format as a user has commented to us. If they can take photos in .RAW format on a Nexus 6 or, for example, on the new Galaxy S6 in which I can confirm that it does work.

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