How to Take Photos with the Camera of my Apple Watch – Very Easy

One of the electronic devices that is currently all the rage in the world are smart watches or Smartwatch. With them we can perform different tasks, especially monitoring, such as heart rate, weather forecast, measure calories burned, etc. But today we will show you a function that you do not know very well and that is how to take photos with the camera of my Apple Watch, very easy.

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The Apple Watch, are the smart watches created by the American company Manzana and that has a wide prestige worldwide. They have already come out, several versions and their models are truly beautiful. With straps that you can interchange, to be able to combine with any event in which you can be invited.

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But now, coming back to the topic of taking the photo with the Apple Watch, you must understand that the camera is located on the iPhone. And that our watch functioned as the means to take the shot. Remember that all the applications and tools are on the iPhone, such as the simple way that we can download and install the App on it. Apple Watch.

How to take photos with the camera of my Apple Watch

So our smart watch will work as the trigger in the photo and it will work as a switch that we have on our wrist. We can also see from the screen of our watch the frame that the image has. This function is really very practical and then we will tell you what you should do to take photos with my Apple Watch camera.

We will be able to take group photographs from the camera rear of our iPhone or also take a selfie, but this time using the front camera. And we can always see from our wrist how the photo will look. And to do this, you must not be a quantum physics student or be taking tests to enter NASA, not anything like that, it is very simple and you will see.

Steps to take photos with the camera from my Apple Watch

To be able to take pictures with my camera Apple watchWe can do it in two different ways, the first one is directly. And the second is making use of the timer and thus not allow us to accommodate ourselves and come out perfect in the photo. So we are not going to direct to our Apple Watch and we will open from there, the Camera App.

Now take your iPhone and place it in the position you want, focusing on the objective of the photo, from the clock you can see how the image looks and square the phone. Once you are in position and you must press the trigger or you can also press the timer that will give you three seconds before taking the shot. Photography.

Once you have taken the photo, from the watch you will have a view of how it looked without having to see the phone and so we can repeat it without having to move the iPhone. We can also have several options from the Apple Watch, for example if we press the clock screen and hold it down, it will change from the front camera to the rear camera or vice versa.

You will also be able Activate and deactivate Live Photos, activate Flash, zoom, etc. It is very practical, simple and fast and you will not have to do anything from the iPhone. Something that is really useful is that we can see from our watch, everything that can be seen from the iPhone camera and this is ideal to place it as a security camera in the baby’s room.

take picture watch

As you can see, more and more applications can integrate these two devices and this particular function is simply great. Very fast to use, very simple and super practical and the best of everything you learned here. And in a few minutes you met how to take photos with the camera of my Apple Watch

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