How to Take Screenshot with Apps on iOS and Android

One of the best tools that mobile phones and computers can have is the option of long screen captures, if we want to have an image that we have seen in a social network such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp or another, this is the most immediate option in just a few steps we can get it to be saved on our mobile, we can also take screenshots on Windows PC.

This great option makes it easy to immediately obtain files or any meme that we see, we always save the screenshots as a memory that we could use later in any situation that comes our way, and we always wonder where to find the screenshots ?, we can use them even as evidence of something happened.

But take screenshots in high resolution It is something that most users have as a mystery, since sometimes they are not taken with the quality or resolution that we really want, for this reason, here we will show you how to do it.

Why is it important that a Screenshoot has good quality?

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Screenshoots are a widely used tool nowadays; This is derived from the fact that they allow us to save the information that we see on our phone or computer; making it easier to access it again without having to go to one place or another looking for that important content that we need.

For this reason, it is of great importance that these catches have a good quality; since it allows the saved information to be visualized in a better way, in addition it serves so that the original image does not lose properties. Another outstanding aspect is that they help reduce the feeling of fear in users of having little visible content.

Additionally, the quality of these Screenshoots varies according to the taste of each person and their needs. For example, for a designer it is very important to show his captures with high quality; but if it is about teaching something with little relevance, here it is not so significant.

phone screenshot

How to improve the resolution of an image

After taking a screenshot on your computer, it is vitally important that you know how you can make it look much better by increasing the resolution levels. Next we will show you the steps to follow so that you can do it easy, simple and fast.

  1. Search in start ‘adjust screen resolution’
  2. You must right click and press where it says properties
  3. Here you find the configuration option
  4. Then you need to increase the resolution from where it says ‘screen resolution’
  5. You take this action until you consider looking your best
  6. You need to select apply and the resolution will be adjusted
  7. Finally, click on accept and your screenshot will be saved

How to improve the resolution of a screenshot on your mobile

Depending on the mobile device you have, the way in which the resolution of the Screenshoot has to be improved may vary, for this there are several procedures; Here we will show you what you should do if you carry a cell phone with an Android or iOS operating system.

On Android

As we know these screenshots can be made from all existing operating systems, that is why we must know how to improve their resolution through our Android mobile, to obtain better visibility and provide the same to the people with whom we want to share said captures or images that we have previously saved in our gallery.

The best thing about this is that Android phones allow us to improve the resolution of the screen, for example when we are going to study, play, or take a screenshot, we need a high resolution screen, That is why the first thing we must do to obtain it is, we enter ‘settings’ of our Android mobile in this case, then select the option that indicates ‘screen’.

Next, we click on the ‘screen resolution’ option, and choose the resolution we want, the ideal would be to place the most advanced one to achieve our goal, it should also be noted that there are mobiles that already comes with high resolution from its factory, but at some point it may be lost due to various issues.

On iOS

It is extremely important to know this procedure in order to obtain a better view and in the same way a better image quality at the time of take a screenshot.

The first thing we must do is, enter ‘settings’ in the menu of our iPhone mobile, after that we go to where it indicates ‘screen and brightness’, then we select the ‘view’ option, and click on the ‘standard’ option, instead of ‘zoom’, since standard provides us with a better view of the format or image that we will be capturing.

It should be noted that the screenshots they also lose their quality when we share them in applications, since they tend to lose their sharpness, and in many cases even completely, that is why the best option is to send them through email.

capture screen on iphone

Apps to improve screen captures in functionality and quality

Although it is true that there are multiple and different applications for this type of activity, and it is that many are similar because they fulfill the same function, that is, improve the resolution of screenshots, but deep down they are not the same due to their characteristics, some better than others.

The same way we have Screenshot TileSimply by pressing a quick setting we can achieve a great and high quality screenshot, and of course there are also capture programs for PC, since this need is not limited only to our phones.

Here is a short list of applications that you can install on your mobile, tablet or pc so that you can increase the quality of your screenshots.


This application is very simple and easy to use; You just have to enter it and it will do its job. You move the screen, while the App performs its function last, LongScreenshot joins the image in the best possible way so that it is seen with great clarity and level of resolution, increasing the quality.


With Longshot you can take screenshots with scrolling manually or automatically, where you can locate the points to make the crop or adapt the image to the size you require. Where it is recognized for having high performance and quality in capturing the screen of your cell phone.


Among the best we have Screenple, which includes capturing in different and very simple ways, such as button combination or just a button to do the job.

Screen Master

Too one of the favorites is Screen Master, which allows us to make a capture even by shaking our mobile, or simply with a floating button, is one of the most genuine and positively acclaimed by the public that uses it.

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