How to Tame, Tame or Tame Dinosaurs in ARK: Survival Evolved – Dinosaurs, Golem, Kangaroos and more

Without a doubt, the premise of the ARK Survival Evolved game forces you to survive due to its exciting plot. Enter a prehistoric world and survive all kinds of beasts of the era. Dinosaurs, mammoths, flying reptiles or even mythological creatures in the new updates.

However, one thing the game excels at is that to survive you don’t have to run from these beasts, but tame them. In this world it is possible to tame the dinosaurs and use them to travel the map and even defend yourself from other dangers or other beasts. And not only that, all kinds of beasts are tame and tame.

How can I knock down and tame a dinosaur?

The tame process in ARK Surival Evolved and other similar games is not exactly easy and instantaneous, but not very complicated either. It is a matter of knowing the process and practicing it well with various creatures. First of all, you must face the dinosaur and knock it down. Each creature has its predetermined strength and health so you have to take this into account when using the method.

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Weak creatures like Dodo or Diplodocus you can take them down with a bare fist. However, with stronger ones with the Rex or Triceratops you need to equip yourself with weapons. Two recommended with a wide range are the slingshot or the tranquilizer dart crossbow, although the latter is somewhat complex to manufacture.

Players manage to tame or tame dinosaurs from the ark game

Your resistance and level will also have a lot to do with not dying easily fighting beasts. Once you’ve done enough damage, the dinosaurs they will fall into a state of unconsciousness.

You can easily verify this by approaching them and seeing the purple bar «Unconscious» in their statistics. Below that bar there is another brown bar called «Taming» which is the one that you must fill completely to successfully tame the beast. However, the method of filling this bar will depend on the diets of each dinosaur species.

How do I fill in the Taming bar? – What are the diets of each species?

Now, the key to filling the bar is the food in ARK and saving your game without starving. You have to feed the beast while it is unconscious. Each species has its different food tastes. However, the easiest option is to check if it is a herbivore or a carnivore. If it is a herbivore, its diet will be mainly berries, if it is a carnivore, you will feed it with meat.

However, the unconsciousness of the animal will not be permanent and you have to make sure that it remains asleep. Otherwise, you will lose your taming process if the dinosaur wakes up. To achieve this, you must collect some special black berries called «narcoberries». These berries or «berries» act as sleeping pills that prolong the state of unconsciousness.

crafting kibbles in ark survival evolved to maximize dinosaurs

Therefore, you should feed them both these berries and the food in their diet. Once the bar has been filled. The animal will wake up tame and you will be able to access it with several new options. Among them, access the inventory, have them follow you and most importantly, mount it.

How to domesticate other species? Golem, kangaroos and so on.

The difference in the tastes of each creature is that some prefer only certain types of berries and others only certain types of meats. In the same way, you will learn this little by little within your experience in the ARK game, regardless of the time or hour that you prefer to play day or night, adding that this requires that some beasts have more elaborate methods to be tamed.

For example, to tame the famous «kangaroo» specifically named, Procoptodon requires another strategy. The animal is very fast so you’re going to need to ride another beast also quick to hunt. Equip the crossbow with tranquilizer arrows to get shot while you chase it.

Once rendered, to be able to tame it, the foods that it needs apart from narcotics are rare mushrooms or seeds of special plant X that are found in the swamps. Once you give it these foods, the animal can be easily tamed. Another rare creature to tame is the Golem. This is a massive monster made of stone which you have to shoot down using cannonballs.

The golem It moves fast so this is no easy task. The most recommended is that make a metal trap to encircle your cannon. In this way, the golem will not pass and you will be able to give it all the necessary cannon shots. Once knocked down you can proceed to tame it.

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