How to Tap a Friend on Facebook – Quick and Easy

Communications have become essential for our development, today our society is interconnected. This has represented a great advance for us, since it is possible to interact with other people without having to leave our homes.

Among its many advantages we find the power communicate instantly, regardless of distance to separate us.

It is a practical way where we can relate to society in general. A way to distract ourselves, especially in these times that we need it so much. Among the most used social networks worldwide is Facebook.

How to tap a friend on Facebook?

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Facebook currently has more than 2.32 billion users worldwide, it is registered as the social network with the most users today. It was founded in 2004.

Designed to be used on multiple platforms, it is in constant development and has tools for communication and interaction very advanced. Among one of these functions we find that of giving a touch.

It is important to know in depth all the available tools that Facebook offers us. So it has been decided to make this article in order to learn in an easy way how to tap a friend on Facebook.

This option basically consists of making a call for attention to someone in particular. We can do this with people who are our friends on the page and also with people who are not.

Steps to tap a friend on Facebook

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The first step we must take is to log into Facebook with a photo, email or phone number, we can do this through the official application from our mobile phone or directly from its website. Then we have to access our profile.

For this we will place our email and password in the boxes that request it, once we enter our account we proceed to search for the profile of the person to be touched.

We must go to the people search bar located at the top of the screen. We will click and write the name of the person who will apply the action and then we give enter. Then a list of people related to that name will appear.

There we will look for the person and click to access their profile. It is important to note that you have to be careful when looking for a specific user, since we can be confused with another profile, we can search for it with more security even with a phone number, search with a photo.

Being in profile, the next happened in locate the person’s cover, in the lower right part of the cover we can see several options. We must select the option that has the three points in a row.

We click and we will get a tab with several alternatives, we select the one that says “Give a touch”. A confirmation window will be shown indicating that the contact has been successfully tapped.

How to see the touches we have received?

If what we want is to review the touches that other people have given us, following a few simple steps it is possible to do so. In the address bar of our search engine located at the top of the screen we go to this link.

Through it, we will directly access the page that shows us all the touches we have received, there we will get the profiles of the people who have given us the touch. It also gives us the option of touch back just by clicking on the “Touch back” option.

Below we find the “Suggested touches”These are people that Facebook suggests us to carry out this action. This suggestion is made according to the interaction we have had with those profiles, for example the likes, comments or reactions that have been shared.

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To give the touch to those people we just have to click on the option “Give a touch“located on the right side of the contact. Following each of the previous steps we have learned in an easy and fast way how to touch a friend on Facebook.

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