How to Temporarily Deactivate or Block my WhatsApp Account if My Cell Phone Was Stolen

In case you find yourself immersed in a crime problem and lose your mobile phone, you can deactivate or block your WhatsApp account. These situations can lead you to a point of despair where you don’t know what to do when they occur.

Still, you don’t have to worry about your WhatsApp account and what’s there because something can be done about it. If you want to know, here you will find the necessary information so that you stay informed.

In turn, you will understand some alternatives to avoid permanence of information in your WhatsApp that puts you or your contacts in danger.

Process to deactivate or block your WhatsApp account temporarily if your cell phone was stolen

The first thing you should do is lock your sim card calling your mobile phone operator to request this task. After this, it is no longer possible for the account to be verified again on that device because, for this, you will always need to receive an SMS or phone call with a confirmation code.

Once this is done, you can decide on a new SIM card with the mobile number that we had previously, in order to activate WhatsApp on a new mobile. Thus, the app can be deactivated faster and easier on the stolen phone, taking into account that an account can be activated on only one device at a time.

It is also possible to send an email where you mention the phrase “Stolen / Lost Phone: Please deactivate my account ”. With this you must find the phone number with the full international format, as established by the WhatsApp Help Center.

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It is possible that contact for this with WhatsApp customer service by mail, but this must be from the app. However, this alternative could help the solution of other problems regarding the use of the platform from any device.

In case of having the SIM card blocked and the telephone service suspended, WhatsApp can be used with a Wi-Fi connection, so it would be useful in case of not establishing communication to deactivate the account.

From the WhatsApp platform you cannot locate your stolen phone or deactivate your account from another device. In case of save a backup in a cloud storage before you lost your device, you will have the opportunity to restore your chat history.

To have greater security that your information will not be exposed in case of theft, you can go to have WhatsApp messages self-destruct. This option will make, in certain situations, this is done and you will have better security to use the app as you prefer without having to be the victim of a robbery.

What can happen if you deactivate or block your WhatsApp account?

The first thing is that the account in question not completely removed, it will only be temporarily disabled or blocked under certain parameters. In turn, all your contacts will be able to see your profile, taking into account your status and messages they have had before.

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The latter will always be protected by WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption, kept your privacy as a user. In addition, all your contacts can continue to send you messages that will remain pending for a maximum time of 30 days.

If you return to your account before the 30-day period, you will receive the messages that you have pending on your new mobile phone. And you will continue to be part of the groups and you will be able to actively participate in them.

If you decide not to open your account after this period or you cannot do so, the same will be eliminated and you can never get it back. This prevents your information from being exposed for some reason or another, having greater security that you are the one who tries to recover it.

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