How to Temporarily Disable Avast Free Antivirus in Windows 10, 8 and 7

Since man knew how to use his curiosity, he has known how to innovate and create artifacts that have helped him develop his surroundings, as well as produce powerful tools that help him to continue advancing, in these creations, there is computing, which is classified as a science in search of improving data transmission and connection digitally between users.

This through the action of process, analyze, select and execute Information, this is processed by computer systems, all this begins in the middle and end of the Second World War, where the military forces to have faster responses between them, resorted to the invention of these large equipment, which years later would be called computers .

Since then, computing has had an important development, advancing in conjunction with artifacts such as electronics, the internet and mobile devices, through which the study of information is carried out. In view of this, programs began to be developed that accompany the system in order to ensure safety, being born in this case, the antivirus.

What are Antivirus?

They are software designed in order to detect and fight any virus that is inside the operating system, functioning as a shield for the computer. These, with the advancement of technology, the internet and social networks, were not left behind, accompanying technological development since there are always increasingly dangerous threats that can harm our pc.

Currently antiviruses are capable of performing various tasks, not only focused on detecting viruses, they go much further, such as doing extensive analyzes of our entire computer and each application within it, giving a report of what suspicious activity may inhabit the system, also giving us options to block, disinfect, eradicate and other actions for the vital health of the system.

avast antivirus system security

Having functions such as continuous checks to maintain the health of the system, monitor each application or movements made by the user and remove all traces of any malicious component that may inhabit our computer. These functions and more offer us the majority of antivirus that are available on the internet.

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It is vital that we as users have an antivirus on hand, which can protect us from any accident, however, in the current market the list of antivirus is huge, each one with different specialties, some free, paid, etc. but between these options, a good option to consider It is the Avast antivirus.

How does Avast work?

Avast is a very popular antivirus and known by users, this software has been being developed since the 1990s, since then it has been working on its versions and creating a position among the list of the most used antivirus worldwide, Avast is one of the pioneering antivirus and be an example for other software dedicated to security.

It stands out for taking care of eliminating all types of malware, as there are hundreds of viruses, Avast is able to deal with malware like the famous Trojans, spyware and adware, it also has a team defense against ransomware viruses, which are an archetype of delicate viruses that steal information from our computer through spam.

Avast also allows customization functions, in which we can easily put password in Avast, deactivate a firewall or firewall in case the local network is blocked, all this in the same way as provide computer security and navigation, anti-phishing, anti-spam measures and other services. If you purchase its paid version, it is also important to have Avast updated to its latest version.

analysis and monitoring of avast antivirus system

How to disable Avast temporarily?

Apart from having a comfortable interface, its use is simple, its functions are divided into modules, which work both together and separately, we can activate or disable each of them, as we can also deactivate its functions temporarily, both a specific one and the entire Avast program, follow this article with us to know how to do it.

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If you want to deactivate an Avast function it is simple, we go to Menu, options, then components, there we select any module and deactivate it for as long as it is. If you want to deactivate Avast completely we must go to the Windows task bar, in the Avast icon, we right click and select “Avast Shield Control” like this temporarily Avast is disabled.

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